Thursday, 27 March 2014

9 Healthy And Easy Breakfast Ideas

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I am a changed person. Gone are the days of drowning crumpets with salty butter and frying everything under the sun! I discovered how much more delicious fresh fruit, green/fruit teas are and I have never felt better!I was inspired to show you my breakfast recipes due to the Company Mag's '26 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas' post!

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Fresh mango, passion fruit and blueberries. Seriously, this is the most refreshing thing everrrrr! Just store the ripe fruit in the fridge the night before and it tastes lovely and chilled when you cut it up and made the salad. Mango, passion fruit and blueberries is my new fave combo!

Superfood Fruit Tart (recipe HERE)

This is my favourite breakfast meal ever! Just a few mashed bananas mixed in with oats and cinnamon and then baked for 15 forms the fruit tart base! Then add whatever you want. I love super foods, blueberries and natural low fat Greek yogurt! 

Berries and Yoghurt

This is a great pick-me-up and never fails to fill me up! 

Colourful Fruit Salad

There's something about colour that everyone likes! I 'colour paletted' my salad instead of mixing it and it look so pretty and even more delicious!

 Blueberry and Almond Milk Pancakes (Recipe HERE) 

These are really lovely, fluffy pancakes bursting with flavour! I switch dairy milk for almond and the nutty taste worked really well in the better to create this huge, fluffy beasts!

The Fruity Pizza

Banana oat cake as the base, yoghurt as the sauce and fresh fruit (or dried) as the topping! 

Banana Oatcake 'dippers' with Fresh Strawberries and Yoghurt

I didn't fancy a breakfast fruit tart all in one go this day, so I split it up and dunked the strawberries and oatcakes into the yoghurt instead!

The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie!

Frozen summer fruits, fresh kiwi and a splash of almond milk in HEAVEN!! 

Aaaaaaaaad finally... I tend to wash it all down with a bottle of still water or any of these badboys:
Thanks for reading! What is your favourite breakfast recipe? Will you be trying any of mine? :)



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