Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Bootea 14 Day Teatox Challenge

A note from Joelle... 
Firstly, I am not a dieter and I do not have serious weight issues. However this year, I want to try to get healthier and cleanse my system of months of bad eating habits which have resulted in my gaining two stone.
So, last month I really wasn't great with my healthy meals and rigorous exercise plans. I got caught up with birthdays and travelling so I began eating comfort food again.
However, I have bought the Bootea Teatox packs and am willing to see where it takes me in the first two weeks of March!
Daytime Detox - I just have to drink one of these when I wake up everyday for 14 days
Nighttime Detox - I have to drink this every other day
I bought the packs for £19.99 and this post is in no way sponsored!!

I found the flexible eating plan of the website, which I am going to stick to (fingers crossed!). I just want to see what happens when I just do what I am told and I have a feeling this might help me shift a couple of pounds.

So my plan is:
Drink the daytime tea every morning for two weeks
Drink the night time tea every other night
Practise 2 hour of pilates/yoga a day
Follow the food plan as much as I can

I will be updating my progress every other day via my twitter (@joelle_o), so please follow my tag #TeamTeatox to track my progress and maybe join in the challenge yourself!


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