Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Arran Adventures

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'life Looks better in spring' - Jon LILYGREEN & The Islanders ♫♪

I would LOVE to say that it was a spontaneous island getaway, but alas, it was a compulsory Geology field trip to the Isle of Arran!
Walking boots and a waterproof coat: not my usual type of packing, but a definite necessity! 
The beauty of the island is simply unreal! It's like Middle Earth (minus the Orcs and Hobbits) with green rolling hills, cosy taverns and endless waterfalls that seem to just appear magically in the mountains!
After a coach ride to Glasgow, a generous lift to Ardrossan Harbour and then a ferry ride, we arrived in Brodick!
We did a crazy amount of walking to get to the geologically interesting places, but that's all part of the experience! I can't lie to you, I spent most the time longing for wifi, clean nails and a hot shower, but luckily managed to keep up with my Geology work too!
Sometimes we were sad...
I did have many moments where I seriously questioned my degree and general life choices. One of those moments was sliding down a boulder head first because I was too afraid to jump!
I also entered the early stages of hypothermia almost every day and almost dropped my phone in a waterfall #FunTimes. 
But then we were happy again (usually around home time)!
We walked so much on this trip, that I actually lost half a stone of weight. Sadly, I am pretty sure I put it all back on in the pub on the last night!
I am definitely glad to be back on the mainland and not have to analyse every rock I see! 
I have even caught the hill-walking bug and will be climbing a local hill this week! Who'd have thought it?
Have you ever been to any of the British Islands? 


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