Saturday, 19 April 2014

Meat Liquor, London

A note from Joelle... 

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Curiosity is an interesting thing,  right? That, with a hint of word-of-mouth can really make or break restaurants, but it have definitely worked in favour of Meat Liquor.
Foodies flock from every corner of London to try these burgers and have the 'Meat Liquor Experience'. And most of it is simply from hearing about it through twitter or their pals!
I was warned that if we didn't get there early enough (as in 5pm), we would be forced to wait in the freezing cold for a few hours!
Nevertheless, we got there just after 6.30pm and there was no queue outside, just a couple awkwardly arguing... 
On that note, we practically ran into the restaurant, not taking any chances with this rare moment! 
We were kindly greeted by a waiter who took us to a table in the corner near the bar. The cocktail menu was short 'n' sweet, just the way I like it and we both ordered the 'Summer of Love' (£7.50). I really, really liked it as did Hannah.

Our drinks arrived in these big glasses, which I was happy about because I can't stand teeny martini glasses that you take finish in one gulp!
We then went for two bacon cheese burgers, £8 (minus the pickles and mustard), regular fries and cheese fries also. It wasn't a long wait, which was excellent because we were both starving.
Look at that meaty, fried goodness! 
Excuse my face, the flash was really bright!
Hannah and I both agreed that the burgers were insanely good. From the super-soft brioche bun to the crispy bacon and tender beef patty. It was reaaaaally good.
What let the meal down, though were the sides. The regular fries (£3) were too salty. I thought they would be served without seasoning so we could add our prefered amount of salt/pepper. But there was no seasoning on the table for a reason...
The cheese fries (£4) had more grated onion than cheese and fries, which was a let-down! I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to scrape of the mountain of mushy onion onto a side dish because it was so pungent and unnecessary. In the end, we didn't finish it as it was too much flavour-wise.

Another slight issue was the lighting and the noise. It was so dark, that we had to order our food and drink with our iPhone flashlights hovering over the menus. 
But it's not like the waiter even heard our choices, because the music was too loud and people on other tables were getting insanely drunk and rowdy.... at 6.34pm... on a Tuesday night.
The lack of lighting meant I had to use flash when taking pics, which seemed to startle the girls on the table next to us every time (#sorrynotsoory), so I only took about three to stop them from complaining to the staff - I could tell they were about to.

By the time we got up and left, there was an enormous queue of grumpy, hungry-looking people outside. I felt for them, I really did - sort of...
If you like meat, grease and dark lighting... this is the restaurant for you! It's clearly great for boozy, raucous nights with your mates/colleagues.
But if you want a place to date/chat and not get messy, you may have to give Meat Liquor a miss. for more info
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