Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'Cause I'm 'Appy!

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'Dancing On My Own' - Robyn ♫♪

Here's a different kind of post from me! I have had my iPhone for just over a year now and it is safe to say that I have gone through my fair share of apps. Here are my current favourites!

Daily Water - It is like an alarm clock but for when you need to have a glass of water. My phone chimes about 8 times a day to remind me I need a drink! You can also keep track of your hydration levels and progress. Really handy if you want to get healthier this summer.

Dropbox is free and easier to use than most of its contemporaries. Dump files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for your device will enable you to access them, download them for offline viewing, and, in many cases, view them.

Samsung Smart Camera - This genius app creates a personal wifi connection between my iPhone and camera. This allows me to send pictures/videos from my camera to my phone!

Sudoku - I LOVE sudoku and do a puzzle every morning and night. I feel like it is boosting my brain power and is helping my problem-solving skills, which has never been my strong point.

7 Min Workout - It's exactly what it says on the app: a 7 minute (intense) workout. Great for a really quick, but effective morning session.

Shazam is a cool app that lets you find/downloads songs that are playing around you. You just open the app, hold it up to the music and it will track the song and let you download it. This is one of my most used apps!

Instagram - We all know what this is! Follow me HERE!

Around Me - In an unknown area and want to find an ATM/cafe/train station, etc? This is the app for YOU! It allows to to find anything you want around you.

We Heart It - A nice place to find pretty pictures, inspirational quotes and 

4 Pics, 1 Song - You get 4 pictures and you have to guess the song title. Loads of current and oldies in the mix - very addictive! - I featured this app in my '5 Ways To Relax' post. It's really really calming and ideal if you have trouble sleeping/relaxing!

Pinterest - I have basically planned out my whole live on Pinterest. It's so addictive!

Bloglovin' - A good way to keep up with all the blogs you follow and find new ones.

Learn French by MindSnacks - I am getting a lot more confident with my French vocab because of this app. It allows you to play games in order to remember words and earn points that can unlock more games.

Free Wifi Finder - Yes, I'm that guy who is constantly on the search for free wifi!

National Rail - If you are a regular on trains (in the UK) then you NEED app. You can check your train arrivals, departures and know first-hand if there are delays.

I hope you liked this post! Any app you're loving at the moment? :)

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