Friday, 23 May 2014

The 'Deen Scene: The Library Struggle

A note from Joelle...  
This £60 million glass box is my uni library - isn't it pretty? Well it is on the outside! On the inside, it's seven floors of stress, annoying people and an overall 'Crap, I-have-to-relearn-everything-from-this-year-in-two-weeks' vibe.
I own this image
So, I am currently sitting in my uni library writing this post. I'd love to tell you that it was an easy journey that consisted of entering the building, locating a seat and then finally sitting down to study, but alas, 'twas not that simple.
It's an actual hustle to get a good desk/computer and I wish I was exaggerating...
I resorted to silently harassing this poor lad off a computer by standing over him a with death-stares as he cruised Facebook without a care in the world. I even started entering my login details before he even left the seat! Sorry bro, I had a deadline.
There needs to be a sign, updating students of the number of free spaces (like a car park), because I do not appreciate walking up nine flights of stairs only to walk back down minutes later without having done any work. Sure, it's a great leg workout, but I came to the library to sit staring at ridiculously hard work, not tone my legs!
Here's a little break-down of my time spent in my uni library:
Yeah, I made this pie chart...
Finding a seat - Now, my uni has 7 floors, but does this mean you are guaranteed a place to sit? HA, of course not!
People annoyingly place their bags/coats/general shit on chairs to 'save them for a friend', who never actually bothers to turn up, thus wasting both our time. I'm sorry, did we just enter a primary school dining hall circa. 2002?
I wouldn't be surprised if we started a Library Hunger Games where we fight to the death for the best seats. I knew my archery skills would be useful one day...

Strangers Opposite you - They are never normal people, are they? It's that dodgy eye contact where you both happen to look at each other at the same time, which makes things mega awks from then on.
In addition, the number of times these thirsty guys have 'accidentally' stroked my leg/foot/hair is just ridiculous. If I wanted to be groped by wastemen, I would've gone to The Pearl Lounge club. 

The 'wifi' - I can't even bring myself to blog about this as it just makes me so angry.

In all fairness, not everyone can get a view like this whilst studying in a multi-million pound building (or study in a library at all!) so I am incredibly fortunate, but I do like a little rant now-and-again ;)

I hope you are seeing a pattern with image ownership
Next year, I am going to be in 3rd year and will therefore be spending about 90% of my time in the library. If ANYONE dares to cross me, I can't be held responsible for my actions (evil glares and indirect tweets...).
Good luck if you have exams by the way! Myself and my bae, Ryan are rooting for you!

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