Monday, 19 May 2014

Your Dream Career Awaits!

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I have wanted to be a Geologist (a scientist who studies the earth...kind of) since the age of 7. And 13 years' later, I am just two years away from Graduating as a Petroleum Geologist!
I have had my share of obstacles and mistakes along the way, but knowing that I have stuck to my passion when loads of people thought I wouldn't is the best feeling EVER!
However, in this day and age, it's not that simple going straight from uni and into your dream job. I can only imagine the nightmare of coming out of uni with no guaranteed work and a huge £30,000 loan to pay back! So when I was alerted to a fresh, new job site called City Calling, I thought I'd share it with you!
City Calling is a site for young people looking for their dream job or who want more advice about finding their career.
Both employers and job seekers can create an account and can check the Job board, full of firms/companies/organisations that are currently hiring. 
You can create an account in a few easy steps, upload you CV and also write a few sentences about your hobbies/qualities!
I may still have a few more years at uni, but I have set up a City Calling account and a currently scrolling through nearly 2000 job vacancies! You never know, my dream job in the Big Smoke could be on this site!

So what do you think? Whether you looking for a fresh, new job or just want some advice on exam stress, City Calling is here you YOU! Will you try something new and see where it takes you? Your dream career awaits!

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