Monday, 30 June 2014


A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'NW5' - Madness ♫ ♪

There's something about Camden is different. It just feels like another world that just happens to take the shape of a North small London Borough.
Camden is vibrant, cultural and iconic. 
People come to see the Mods, the Goths, the Hipsters. 
People come to peruse around the lock and eat street food at the same time.
People come to haggle with market traders and get good bargains.
People come for the nightlife and the smell of incense (which is everywhere!)
I come here for similar reasons, but mainly the fashion, the music and general 'easy-going' attitude.
Camden was the home to some great British artists: Madness, Amy Winehouse and err, N Dubz...
And there are so many new street artists flogging their EPs and albums on the side of the street (I bought a guy's rap album because I was so impressed with his ambition and tenacity to sell them in the blazing sun!).
Amani and I stopped by this cute record shop in the Stables tunnel area to see what they had in stock. They had EVERYTHING! 
I immersed myself in their vast DVD collection, whilst Amani searched for the new Coldplay album.
The title of this post refers to my favourite Madness song as well as the Postcode for were I was today. Give it a click and have a listen!
 From Pop to Punk and R 'n' B to Reggae, they have it all!
 Amani noticed something and told me to 'look up'. This is what I saw...
There were about 30 instruments on the ceiling. We noticed there was no flute though, tutt, tutt!
After, we headed around the food and clothes stalls. Vendor were fighting for our attention and it felt like we were on holiday in a Moroccan market. I love their passion and enthusiasm! 
I don't know if it will ever happen, but I see myself living in a flat about a Camden boutique in the future! That's so 'me'! Living in a vibrant town with different cultures, clothes and creative spaces is something I'd love to be a part of.
Have you ever been to Camden Town? I hope this post has convinced you to go!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Art Takeover At Muriel's Kitchen

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'She's So Lovely' - Scouting For Girls ♫ ♪

I was kindly invited down to Muriel's Kitchen in Soho to sample their seasonal menu and check out their exciting new art project in collaboration with the Loughran Gallery.
Let's start with the food.
 Menus are placed on really cute clipboards and the table decor is art-themed too!
The plan of the ground floor is cute and quirky with some seats doubling as swings and seasonal decorations!
Pasta colanders are used as lamp shades, which is another quirky touch.
For starters, I went for the baked camembert with cashews and cranberries. The bread was pretty darn tasty too.
On a cheesey theme, I sampled the very berry cheesecake! It was a bit more crumbly than I liked, but I can't deny the amazing flavour!
Fun fact: The restaurant menu is changed every month with most ingredients locally sourced by the founder himself! That is real dedication.
Now onto the artwork, mainly located in the 'shed' extension of the restaurant...
Looking around, it was nice to see people put down their phones and discuss the artwork around them.
Here are my favourites:
 'Sheep' by Blek le Rat
 'Such Cute Flowers' by Takashi Murakami
 My favourite piece: 'XL Sea Turtle' by Dave White! 

Many thanks to the Muriel's Kitchen and Loughran Gallery team for having me. Also many thanks for the gift hamper! The scone, jam, black team and wine was a fabulous treat!

For great food and stunning artwork to sink your teeth into, head to Muriel's Kitchen, Soho.
36 - 38 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TT , Tel:  020 7434 0111
The Art Takeover runs until the 21st July 2014.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Boohoo Festival Blogger Challenge

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Soak Up The Sun' - Sheryl Crow  ♫ ♪

Hi guys!
So, Glastonbury is upon us and I am loving it so far, even if I am slumped on sofa with tea instead of being in the crowds!
Boohoo have set me a challenge to come up with my own festival and I have risen to the challenge! Here are my answers:
I would share a tent with... 
My best friends - from uni and back home! That would be a good mix of personalities.

My headliners would be… 
A really random mix! Maybe a bit of Madness, Vampire Weekend, The Kooks and Dolly Parton. Then I'll keep it real with TLC, Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith and Disclosure.

Bubble mix and glowsticks 
….. would be free for all attending.

The item that I could not go without would be… 
Free wifi (#bloggerproblemz)

Wellies or Wedges? 
Wellies all the way! Muddy wedges will never be a good look. Plus, those poor, aching feet! 

Beach or Field? 
I have already done field festival camping, so I'd love to try the beach! Just imagine hearing the waves at night? Not sure how my tent will hold up though...

The theme would be…
New Age/Flower Power/Hippie. I want to see floral garlands, headbands, and 'Free Hugs' placards! A peaceful festival with strangers sharing the love would be awesome.
Celeb spot of the weekend would be… 
The Haim sisters and Florence Welch 

This is what I would wear… 
What would your dream festival look like?

Friday, 27 June 2014

Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac Launch

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Unbelievers' - Vampire Weekend ♫ ♪

We all like pretty, shiny things, right? So when Pandora invited myself and Amani to their flagship store on Oxford Street, I did a little jump for joy!
For me (and every other woman out there) Pandora represents those really special, unforgettable moments and being at the launch of their ESSENCE Zodiac collection was one of those moments.
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Here, you can see what each Star Sign charm looks like. They are sterling silver balls, encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconias.
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac

 We were treated to delicious breakfast canapes on arrival. These smoked salmon blinis were delicious. As were the mini pancakes and croissants. 
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac

Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
 We then had a look at the other Pandora jewels - all so beautiful!Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
I like to buy jewellery online more than in shops these days. I like being about to browse through hundreds of pieces with a few scrolls instead of wondering rounds the shops (and knocking things off the racks!)
So it is great that more iconic jewellery brands like Pandora are selling online as well as in person.
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
 This wee turtle will be the next charm on my bracelet!Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
I was kindly gifted a Pisces charm, which I will stack with some other cute animal charms.
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
There was also a palm-reader and other zodiac-inspired activities to get us in to mood.
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
Pandora Official ESSENCE Zodiac
I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to Sarah and the whole Pandora team for such a fun, chilled event!
Make sure to check out the Pandora ESSENCE Zodiac collection!
*I shouch have called this post 'Breakfast At Pandora's'!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

ASOS Sale Wishlist

A note from Joelle... 
I.WANT . IT . ALL. All the links to the pieces are below!

The Bag - £18.00
The Swimsuit - £14.00
The Nail Polish - £4.00
The Ring - £3.00
The Sandal - £17.00
The Bracelet - £3.00
The Skirt - 19.00
The Cleanser - £8.00
The Sunglasses - £10.50

What are you loving from the ASOS sale right now?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

There's A Story For Every Corner Of This Place

A note from Joelle...

♫ ♪ 'Two Fingers' - Jake Bugg ♫ ♪

Good morning, you beautiful people!
I am bringing you today's outfit post from my favourite place on this entire planet - the Natural History Museum in London. I have been coming here every year since about 1996/7 and I'm not ashamed of that one bit! The dinosaur bones, animals and minerals - what's not to love?
Oh, hai there, Mr Darwin! He doesn't look too impressed, does he?
The title of this post is taken from the Jake Bugg song above, and it totally describes the museum!
If you read my Nerdy Facts post, you'll know that I'm really into rocks, minerals and dinosaur stuff! So when, my pal Amani recommended stopping by the NH Museum, my answer was an obvious "YES!".
It's so nice to have friends who want to explore the more cultural sides of the city as well and the other more popular sites. More of that in a future post though!
It was absolutely boiling today so kept my outfit light and airy with a thin cami, floaty skirt and an oversized kimono.
Necklace - Mango
Kimono - New Look (*)
Cami Vest - River Island
Skirt - Monki
Satchel - La Moda
Bangle - ASOS
Boots  - Borrowed from my Mum!

Is there a place/city/building that's really important to you? Let me know below! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Tips for Low-Cost Fashion With giffgaff

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Problem' - Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea and Big Sean ♫ ♪

That's true for sure XD
I have been challenged by giffgaff to come up with a few money-saving tips, that will make your bank account love you without compromising to sartorial needs! Here are my tips:
  • Don't rule out eBay – Yes, it can be notorious for second-hand stuff, but more and more new boutiques are starting to sell brand new clothing items from there. Most of my clothes cost less than £20 and are excellent quality!
  • No shame in thrift shopping – It’s taken the world by storm over recent years and it’s a great thing. If you search, you may find one-off designer pieces for practically pennies!
  • Always try on clothes first – It may seem like a no-brainer, but most money is wasted when we purchase something only to find it doesn't fit/doesn't look great when we get home.  If you have the time, spend a good 10 minutes in the changing room to determine whether the clothes are really worth your £££.
  • Ditch the debit/credit card – When shopping, it’s easy to overspend when you pay by card and can't see how much you're actually spending. It’s best to take the amount you are willing to spend in cash and leave the card at home!
  • Have a clothes swap party – Get together with your friends and swap your pre-loved clothes for something new. You’re getting rid of you clothes, getting some new ones and not paying a penny!

I hope this post helps you to save the pennies! Got any more tips for low-cost fashion?


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