Thursday, 19 June 2014

Caribbean By Candlelight At 24 Carat Bistro

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My first, proper trip to Birmingham was a pleasant one. after seeing my amazing Mother graduate as a Doctor of Philosophy, we headed out for something to eat.
As I am of African heritage, I didn't really know what to expect from a Caribbean restaurant apart from the stereotypical rice and peas and perhaps some  
Despite the tiring car journey and freak showers of rain, we were warmly welcomed at 24 Carat Bistro. This is a teeny tiny restaurant that is BIG on flavour and all-round good Caribbean vibes.

We each received pretty flower garlands to wear at the table.
 Our table was decorated with so much colour! Flower garlands for each of us to wear, flower petals, candles and colourful napkins in the wine glasses. That's what I like to see - some non-cheesy theatricality.
My sister and I order 'Strawberry Spritzer' cocktails as recommended by our waitress. She wasn't lying when she said it was refreshing! I loved it! Such a shame I sipped it all before the starters arrived - that's how good it was!
Our starter was an assortment of curry pasties, plantain, jerk chicken, saltfish fritters, and salad.
 I didn't get many pictures of our main meal due to the fact that I was stuffing my face... You will have to imagine a mountain of sweet potato fries, jerk chicken curry, rice & beans, jerk chicken wings and jerk pork. 
The image below is of curries goat, which (before you stop reading this post) tastes just like lamb! Nothing scary about it!
For dessert, I went for this baked chocolate tart - a chocoholic's heaven-on-a-plate.

If you live in the Birmingham area, you MUST have a bite to eat here. The staff are incredibly friendly, the food is so delicious and ambience is so relaxed, yet exciting.
If you're not into Caribbean food, they also have a Western food selection!
Visit their website HERE


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