Monday, 9 June 2014

Cirque Du Soleil & Byron Burger

A note from Joelle... 

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Today has been MANIC! My sister and I woke up to loud thunderstorms are really freaky lightning in France, which delayed our flight to London a bit. We then touched down just before Midday and were super tired of dragging heavy cases and just life in general...
After a brief stop at home to freshen up and chill, I darted back into London for a catch up with my bestie, Hannah.
Thanks to Totalmedia, we had a pair of tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil at the O2, which was pretty darn exciting. We arrived bang on time and took our seats for the show. It was two hours of crazy stunts, edge-of-seat tension and full on belly laughs - loved every second of it!
There was no photography allowed inside the O2, so these grainy pics from the interval have to do! 
Highlights included a boy who was insanely good at juggling, amazing trampoline artists, a double hoop (?) spinner guy and a flawless ribbon trapeze dancer!
During the interval

After the show, we were starving, but we
promised each other that we would try somewhere new instead of our regular Byron Burger. So we ended up here..........
Yeah, our willpower is pretty weak!
 It didn't take Hannah and I long to choose what we wanted. We always go for the cheeseburger - Hannah: blue, me: cheddar. We shared sides of macaroni cheese and regular fries.
We then both go for their thick, decadent milkshakes (that last forever!). Hannah goes for Oreo and I go for strawberry.
It's been a looooong but really enjoyable day! So glad to be officially back on English for a long time of being in Scotland and France. 

How has your June been so far? And have you ever been to a circus show?


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