Sunday, 15 June 2014

Febgirl In France: PART 1

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Sur Les Quais Du Vieux Paris' - Juliette Greco ♫ ♪

I was in France last week for a mini break and to help my sister Ama move back to England. She had been doing her year abroad in Bordeaux, but it was time for her to return in English soil. 

When I got on the plane, I was pretty drained. It was mainly because I had to get up at 4.30am, but also because I had been on a plane the previous day when I moved from Scotland to London. So it felt like I had been travelling non-stop for 48 hours and it was pretty tiresome.
I LOVE getting the window seat!
Howeverrrrr, I was so happy to be flying British Airways to France, because I got more legroom, more baggage allowance and FREE food on the flight!

My sister met me at Bordeaux Airport and we took the bus and tram back to her flat.
After a quick catch up, it was time for my sister to show me the city and meet a few of her pals.
I love how trams are the main form of transport in Bordeaux, so there aren't many traffic jams and pollution.
The city is full of beautiful, historic sculptures and buildings - right up my street!
At the trees of the The Place des Quinconces

As it was super hot, we ate our lunch outdoors at the Place de la Bours. 
There's this amazing square that gets flooded with water every 10 minutes. Then it drains away and a beautiful mists blows over the square. Children and tourists alike danced around in the water, totally enchanted by it!
 Bare foot and ready to play stomp around in the water!

After outfit change number two, we headed to dinner at Bistrot du Vieux Bordeaux with Ama's friends. 
Most of us had a tomato prawn starter, which was quite messy, but so delicious!
I then had this beautiful chicken and tagliatelle pasta. It tasted delicious even though I wasn't sure of the combination at the start.
It might not look like a lot, but French portions are incredibly generous!
This right here is the most amazing panna cotta to ever grace the world. With that said, I was glad it was a tiny portion because I was stuffed!
After dinner, it was about 11pm, so we headed back to the flat to sleep watch 'I Wanna Marry Harry', which is a hilarious new dating show where 10 American girls think they are in a competition to become Prince Harry's girlfriend. You HAVE to check it out! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall be back soon with the next instalment of my Bordeaux trip! It will include a fair few macarons, a beautiful park and some giant crepes! 

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