Monday, 9 June 2014

5 Instagrammers You Should Be Following

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Chandelier' - Sia ♫ ♪

Chiaraferragni The world's most talked about blogger is Chiara the Blogger/Law student/Vlogger/Fashion designer/Regular FROWer from Italy. 
She posts about 10 times a day on Insta so that we can keep up with her busy, glamorous lifestyle. One minute she's in Italy, then in LA, then Brazil and then Monaco. She's living the dream!  
Donal Skehan - This cheerful Irish chap is a successful food blogger who has his own show/YouTube channel and cookbooks (I own them all...) He is incredibly passionate about food and his foodie pics on his Instagram says it all.
Fun fact: He we in a pop band not that long ago!

LivingTheHealthyChoice - German Instagrammer Pauline is currently documenting what she eats and it's beautiful. Her meals are shot excellently and it's all super-healthy - YAY! Her Instagram followers have skyrocketed in just a few weeks and I total get why - I am very inspired by her healthy lifestyle.

FunForLouis - This Surrey native is coolest guy EVER! He films his daily antics  for YouTube and just has a really positive vibe about him! Louis lives his life to the full and seeing his newest posts on Instagram is like entering a ray of sunshine into my life.


Adanna_David - A beautiful couple who entertains us with their Azonto dancing and daily antics at home. They also have a great YoutTube channel, which will leave you beaming with happiness!


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