Sunday, 1 June 2014

Smoothie Queen!

A note from Joelle... 

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Something has changed within me. Something is not the same...
I decided to pause drinking loads of tea and jump on the smoothie hype instead! After seeing so many lovely recipes on twitter, instagram and pinterest, I got some inspiration and started experimenting.
I bought a hand-held blender and got blitzin'! 
It's fair to say that I am now a Smoothie QUEEN and very proud of it!
I feel a lot more energetic and am less likely to snack during the day if I drink a fresh smoothie in the morning - such a great feeling.
Here are my favourite things to put in smoothies:
Frozen summer fruits - bought two packs from Farm Foods for about £2. The combination of red berries is great and I blitz them frozen so that I don't have to add many ice cubes that could separate the smoothie.
Bananas - I let them go really ripe and soft so that it forms its own natural sugar and sweetens the smoothie.
Fresh Mango - It's always better to buy it fresh instead of frozen as the texture and flavour is better!
Fresh Blueberries - The best superfood in the world!
Chia Seeds - My new obsession! I place them in warm water and stir them until they are all gloopy and look like frogspawn. They don't taste of anything, but are ridiculously good for you (lots or calcium, protein and fibre!).
Spinach - Popeye was right, its makes you stronger!
Kiwi - Adds a nice 'twang' to the flavour (and turns the smoothie a healthy green colour!)
Fresh Pineapple -
Passion Fruit - The most heavenly fruit you could ever eat! Just scoop out the flesh and blend in into the smoothie!
Oats - Adds to the texture and thickens the smoothie. It's a superfood too, so I definitely recommend it.
Coconut Water - The most refreshing drink ever. I often use this when I don't want a really creamy smoothie or if I am out of almond milk.
Fresh Raspberries - my little juicy velvet pieces are so tasty and add a nice 'tang' to a smoothie!
Cinnamon - You just need a wee bit of this to take your smoothie to the next level.
Natural Yoghurt - can help thicken the smoothie. Plus it's another superfood!
Ice Cubes - Makes the smoothie colder (obviously). My blender is quite powerful so I can add the cubes to my fruit and blend it all together. You can also freeze orange juice, coconut water in ice cube trays for extra flavour.
A SIEVE - if you're not a fan of smoothies with loads of seeds, make sure to run it through a sieve (if you're not using chia seeds) to get rid of all the gritty lumps and bumps.

*Next to try: ginger, carrot, flax seed, cashew nuts, papaya and pomegranate!
Making smoothies everyday is a great way to fill you up and get more than your 5-A-day! You can experiment with fruit/veg/nuts/seeds - anything goes!
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