Thursday, 24 July 2014

ASOS In Aberdeen

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪'Did You Hear the Rain?' - George Ezra ♫ ♪

Dress from HERE
Pumps from HERE
Bag from HERE
Okay, my obsession with ASOS is getting out of control. I would say that 60% of my wardrobe is from that site alone!
I bought this shirt/dress and ballerina pumps last week. Both pieces aren't my normal style, but I just decided to try them out. 
It's a good thing I did because I am now a big fan of Paisley print!
 Dede wears a floral lace dress from Forever 21 and a chunky knitted cardigan from Apricot

 Yesterday, I flew to Aberdeen and back to sort out my flat for next year and collect some mail. 
After nearly missing my flight (BMT...), breaking a nail and almost passing out from lack of food, I took refuge in a cafe to sort myself out.
Aberdeen is my home away from home, and I have really missed it the past few months! 
However, the city centre was practically deserted due to many travelling to the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and, of course, the summer holidays for the uni students.
After running around the city like a lunatic, I met up with my friend Dede. We had a huge catch up over drinks, Nando's, cocktails and more drinks back at her flat, which was so nice and relaxed.

It was a short and sweet trip and I landed back at home late last night. 



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