Saturday, 12 July 2014

Febgirl In France: Part 2

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Alors on Danse' - Stromae ♫ ♪

It's been about a month since my Febgirl in France Part I article (sorry for the gap!).
If you didn't read that post, I was in Bordeaux mainly helping my sister to pack up her home and move back to the UK. She had been on her Uni year abroad in France and honestly didn't want to come home!
I wish I had done a year abroad, but that happened in Second Year and only, like, one person did it!
Moving on... here is my photo diary of the rest of my Bordeaux trip, enjoy!

We were starving in the morning, so decided to head into town for some crepes at the best creperie around.
We both started with savoury herby ham and cheese crepe, which was divine. I never eat ham, but Ama assured me that I'd like these - she was right (like always...)
Getting my serious foodie face on!
 My sister came well prepared with her 'Oh Crepe!' T Shirt!
 We then decided to walk of all that crepey goodness!
 I couldn't help doing a little Fashion #lfie in the shop! I bought this dress for my Mum's graduation!
But... if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I burnt a hole through it the day of the graduation :'(
RIP Yellow Dress
 Next up, MACARONS! I didn't hold back, and bought 16...
 When in Rome Bordeaux, right?
 As the sun was blaaaaaaaaazing, Ama showed me some more cool places around the city like the cultural centres, churches and this beautiful park!
 After I took these pictures, I joined my sister and her friends for a picnic in the grassy bit of the park. When I say picnic, I mean they ate stuff while I was having a siesta in the blazing sun!
 The 32 degree heat was taking its toll on us, so we headed back to the flat to cool down and continue packing to go home!
And that's kind of it for Bordeaux! I must have gained about a stone from all the rich French food, but I had an amazing time.

*If you thought British weather was a mess, there were crazy thunderstorm the same day these pictures were taken. My sister and I saw more than 10 lightning bolts in 20 minutes from the flat window!! 



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