Friday, 4 July 2014

I AM Good At Things!

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'The World's Greatest' - R Kelly ♫ ♪

I am good at things. So why did I just cringe when I wrote those five simple words? 
Why did I second guess this entire blog post and think of how much hate I might get online for it?
I think it is because I, like most people, find saying good things about myself really, really difficult and cannot take compliments well. 
I don't want people to think that I am full of myself/a bitch/arrogant, so pretend to be 'Average Jo', who would rather give all the praise to someone I feel is more deserving.
But I have come to realise in recent years, that this behavior is not modesty - it's a form of deep self-loathing, which is often never discussed.
Lots of people these days either: A) Don't think they are good at anything at all or B) Are too afraid to come out and say that they are good at something (because they do not know how people will react).
I was the product of B and it almost killed my creativity. I have always had a passion for writing, music and learning about countries (Capital Cities, population, currency, etc.)

But, if you don't shower yourself with positivity, who will do it for you and actually mean it? 
Of course it is extremely important to be humble and modest when other people 'big you up', but I have found that lots of people can no longer take compliments well/feel uneasy when they are complimented because the do not think they are anything special - which is absolute bull*.

If I want to see change, I guess it has to start with me, right?! 
So, from now on, I am not going to think twice before saying something good about myself. I don't care what people think about me, because it's none of my business!
I am Joelle Owusu, a person passionate about writing and telling stories. I have been writing novels, screenplays and novels since I was twelve and looooooooove it!
I am good enough to start my Flute Diploma, (that I have been putting off for three years).
I also think know that I am a good blogger and I am not afraid to say that anymore. I am proud of what I have achieved in just three years. 
Going from a sad, socially anxious child to a woman who can walk into a room of strangers and start chatting away - it is a huge transformation for me and it is down to the people who read this site, shower me with kindness and enjoy my work, even when I think it's a big pile of poop!

But now, I am convinced that if you spend a little bit of time acknowledging how talented/good/amazing you are about something, people will begin to notice a vibe shift in you and will want to know your secret! Hey, you might even inspire others to come out of their shell and reveal their passions instead of hiding it!

Not everyone is going to like the fact that you are being positive about yourself, but that's their problem, not yours!
So, over to you! What are YOU good at and proud of? Go on, blow your won trumpet!! *toot, toot!



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