Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Instagram in June

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Chandelier' - Sia ♫ ♪

This past has been amazing! I lived between three countries (Scotland, England and France) and explored so much in June, which was great!
I haven't really mentioned it on the blog, but this month was the start of my (really intense) fitness schedule, so I have been eating cleaner and doing tonnes of exercise at my new gym. Who knew I could lift 13kg with just my chest/boobs? I didn't! 
Moving swiftly on... Here are some of the highlight of last month that I captured on instagram. Please feel free to follow my Instagram account HERE. It will change your life*!
Flute & Macarons / Flying to France / Camden Market / Febgirl in France (Part I HERE)
Fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice, more of my smoothie antics HERE / Camden Lock / Crepe time with my sister! / Bubbles and poker chips at the BGO Blogger Event
Amani and I at the Pandora event / Fresh fruit / Amazing Tube quote / Macaron salon
Fresh shell crab at a Food Market / With a penny farthing bike / Pho noodle dish / HAVING MY FEET GNAWED BY PIRANHAS!!

I hope you had a great June and have an even better July! What have you been getting up to? :)

* probably won't!


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