Monday, 14 July 2014

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A note from Joelle... 
Music is a huge part of my life. Almost every minute of every day I am tapping my feet or nodding my head to the rhythm of a great song.
I tend to blog about music more on The Tempo Tribe, but a little summary of what I'm loving on here wouldn't hurt, right?
Here's a list of tracks (new and old) that I cannot stop listening to. Links included:
The boy who lived above me blasted this track every night for a week. I didn't mind because its such a good, lively track!

I am so glad I rediscovered this song. It's so catchy and more chilled than her other uptempo songs.
Kylie, the Princess of Pop herself, is actually playing at The O2 in London in Autumn. 

The song is nostalgic for basically everyone who was a child in the 90s! "We are young, we run free...!"

This is my official Summer anthem for 2014 and it's a good'un! It features Sia in the chorus and Angel Haze delivers such amazing rap verses.

My sister introduced me to this American country band when we were in France, and this song is 

This reminds me of last summer when I camped to see them live. It was so surreal to finally see a band that I have been obsessed with since 2008.

This song from the 70s is just so cute, even if the lyrics are a tad creepy!

Everyone forgets this Green Day song, but it's a classic! Billy Joe's vocals and guitar playing is on point!

I was sat waiting for a catwalk show to begin at London Fashion Week and this song was playing in the background. I practically crawled over fashionistas to get close to the speakers in order to Shazam it! 

Even though he's a bit of a prick now, I appreciate this really cute song. Seriously, it was the anthem of my mid-teenage years!

I don't even need to explain why this song is on the list, it is basically everyone's Summer jam! 
So, these are the tracks I am loving at the moment! Got any that I should listen to?
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