Wednesday, 20 August 2014


A note from Joelle... 
There's a stigma that bloggers lead perfect lives with glossy hair, 100% photogenic faces and really neat desks.
All you have to do is check out a blogger's instagram and see comments from adoring fans reading 'OMG, you're so perf' and 'you have the perfect life!'.
While that must be flattering for some bloggers, no one is perfect and most actually spend a lot of time editing images (and tidying up) in order to show themselves in the best light possible.
This post is the opposite! Here are some outtake images that never made the final edits of my posts...
I went to a fish foot spa... strangers laughed at me as I was being eaten alive.
Blog post: NW5
I can't even blame my tripod or camera for this image...
Blog post: London Fog
Attack of the bees!
Blog post: Lavender Fields
 Not knowing how to cross a road gracefully
Blog post: High Flying Adored 
Lost my hand mid-shoot!
 I don't even know what this face is!
 Tried to take artistic photos... walked into a water fountain
I STILL can't take selfies...

I hope you enjoyed this post and reminded you that we all take bad (really bad, in my case) pictures! 
If you are a blogger, then I tag YOU to write a post with some of your outtake pics! G'waaaaan, you know you want to!
Laughing at yourself builds character! ;)
Remember to tag me on twitter (@joelle_o) or use #BloggerOuttakes so I can have a read!


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