Friday, 8 August 2014

Epsom Pizza Express Summer Menu

A note from Joelle... 
Amani and I were kindly invited to Epsom Pizza Express to try some dishes on the Summer 2014 Menu. Being die-hard pizza lovers, we jumped at the chance and were interested to see what was new!
 I'm not into olives at all, but I wanted to try parts of the menu that I often ignore. Turns out, green olives are delicious. We snacked on them before our starters arrived.
 You can't go to Pizza Express and not have the dough balls and garlic dip, right? Just look at that doughy goodness... golden and crunchy on the outside and with a warm, fluffiness on the inside - lovely!
 Amani loved this mozzarella, tomato and pesto salad - even though the chunks of cheese and tomato is big, it's a manageable portion.
A cocktail called The Hugo was recommended for me, so I gave it a shot. It's prosecco based (yay!) with elderflower and lemon - very light and refreshing. I thought the elderflower would be a bit overpowering, but it marries well with the prosecco and mint!
The pizzas were larger than the plates (that's always a good thing in my opinion!). The base is super-thin and crispy, which is just the way we like it - the more rustic it looks, the better!
I went for the Toscana: baby mozzarella, basil and sausage meat. There was a nice chilli kick to it too, so I'm glad I had water nearby.
Amani went for the Emilia: chestnut and closed up mushrooms, goat's cheese, garlic oil, lemon juice, rocket, black truffle oil, mozzarella and Gran Moravia cheese - oooh, fancy!
 But it all proved too great for Amani, who had to take a break from the pizza-y goodness! 
Likewise, I was defeated halfway through, so took the rest home to devour later! 
 Finally, it was dessert time! After being soooo indecisive and lusting after everything on the dessert menu, Amani went for this beast of a Lemon and Blueberry Glory (gluten-free) and I went for a vanilla panna cotta.
Right, I know I said I had the best panna cotta in Bordeaux, but this one beats it hands-down! It may look really simple, but it's packed with vanilla and holds it's 'wobble'.
If you're gluten-free, Pizza Express have got you covered with their new gluten-free pizzas!

Pizza Express limited edition summer specials are available from 10th June until 31st August. Visit for more information.


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