Monday, 18 August 2014

Lavender Fields

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'Purple Hills' - D12 ♫ ♪

Every summer, a field in my local village transforms from a simple field to a vast sea of purple.
The last time I came was about nine years ago (Mum told me, I couldn't remember!), so I thought it was a good time to remember what it was all about.

My mother, sisters and I piled into the car and headed about 10 minutes down the road. Even before you enter the field, you smell the fresh lavender, but it's not overpowering and overwhelming!
Dress is from HERE
Kimono - similar HERE
The maxi dress may seem a bit OTT for a day out in a field, but it's a nice, floaty day dress, so I thought 'why not?!' I makes me feel a bit like a china doll because of the intricate porcelain pattern.
I used to hate the smell of lavender when I was younger. But in recent years, I've found it really soothing! I have a can of lavender mist from Boots, which I spray on my pillow sometimes to send me to sleep. I really recommend it!
I found the dress on Missguided last month, but didn't buy it. It was only when I saw the beautiful Rosie from The Londoner rocking it, I thought, 'I neeeeed this dress back in my life!'.
The purple plants against the normal greenery of the countryside is really striking. I noticed lots of couples and families taking selfies against the stunning backdrop.
 I couldn't ignore the constant buzzing from all the bees and wasps though! They were everywhere!
 Towards the exit/entrance, there is a sweet little shop where you can buy fresh lavender bouquets, soaps, scented candles, etc. There was even lavender fudge and bread! :?
We left with some beautiful toiletries and fresh bundles of lavender, but I will be back for some pretty home decor for my new flat in Aberdeen. :)
Have you ever been to a lavender field or somewhere similar? Let me know below!


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