Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Luxury Cinema

A note from Joelle... 
My best friend Amani recently joined the 20s Club and it was a cause for a joyous celebration in the Big Smoke! Hannah and I told her nothing about what we had in store and rather enjoyed watching her squeal with excitement/anticipation when we got to Bayswater, Chelsea.
As we headed into the Whiteley's Shopping Centre and up to the Odeon Cinema, Amani still had no idea what we had planned to do that evening!
Inside the Odeon, there was a little stairwell leading to a more exclusive part of the cinema called The Lounge. It looks nothing like a regular cinema  - this is pure glamour and luxury!

 Nothing nicer than complimentary drinks! Hannah and I went for a glass of Champagne (as always!) and Amani went for a lovely berry cocktail called Autumn Garden.
 As we were an hour early, we chilled/gossipped/nattered and had a scan through the menu until it was time to head into the Luxury Cinema. The area is so relaxed and staff were always circulating arounds us smiling and making sure we had everything we needed.
The bathroom was so fancy, I just had to take a picture!
 We were right in the centre of the cinema, so got a good view of the screen. All our chairs were fitted with rising footrests/slanting back-rests and buttons to press if we needed a member of staff.
 The coolest thing about this Luxury Cinema is that you can have a gourmet meal as you watch your film! A tray with cutlery and a menu is attached to every seat and a waiter comes up and takes your order just before the film starts. Hannah and I went for a Lamb Kebab roll with salad, tzatziki and fries. Amani went for a roasted veggie club sandwich with all the trimmings.
 The service was super-fast and friendly and we got our food/drinks about 15 minutes into the film.
The portions were huge, so it's really good to know we were getting our money's worth (the food/drinks were not cheap!)! 
'Lucy' was awesome and it kept us guessing until the very end. I love action films with a strong, female lead - there needs to be more!
We saw lots of people on dates (amazing idea for a London date, btw!), meetups and family outings and I really recommend it!

Apologies for the blurry pics - it was a dark cinema after all! :)
Have you ever been to an unconventional cinema? I think it's just as good as the Silent Cinema!


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