Thursday, 7 August 2014

Would Tulisa Be Hated So Much If She Were Middle Class?

A note from Joelle... 
In the UK, the social class system used to determine where you went to school, your accent, your finances and even your future. Now, even though lots of British people say that the class system doesn't exist anymore/has been broken down, it is clear that some are still negatively affected by it.
The main person I am talking about is Tulisa Contostavlos. If you are from the UK, you'll know her as the girl from NDubz and a former X Factor judge.
Last year, she was tricked by a (sleazy) tabloid journalist, whom she thought was a wealthy Arab Sheik who also happened to be producing a (also fake) film that he wanted her to star in. With that in mind, she stupidly bragged that she could get him Class A drugs for his night out in London.
OBVIOUSLY that was a very dumb thing for her to do and it was absolutely right that she was investigated by the police. Even though that "journalist" lured her in and promised her a glittering Hollywood film career, she should not have bragged about being able to supply Class A drugs for him. That was clearly wrong.
But, the media storm that followed and celebrity smear campaign against her had very little to do with Tulisa's situation - it was more to do with her overall social background. Even Tulisa herself suggested that if she were Middle Class, she would not had faced this kind of media witch-hunt. You can find that article HERE.
Because of the way she talks, the music she puts out (solo and with N Dubz), her "urban" London background and her previous mental illness, the media portrays her as a rowdy hoodrat from the London ghetto with no morals.
Those might not be the words the traditional media would use, but I am certain that that is what they want the nation to think - "CHAV". 
No one cares that she came from Camden and worked her way up to live a huge mansion in the countryside. No one cares that she was the lead singer in one of the most successful Hip-Hop/Grime acts in the UK. No one cares that she overcame her struggles with self harm, anorexia nervosa and depression as a young teenager. No one cares that she did all that before the age of 25.
All most people care about is her revenge porn sex tape that her boyfriend from almost TEN years ago leaked to a blogger, the latter she allegedly assaulted because of said tape and this drugs trial.
In the media's mind, they don't want people from humble backgrounds to be successful on their own merit. They want working class people to stay in there place and not go on to better things in better areas. They don't like Rags-To-Riches stories that most people in tough situations dream about.
In their mind, that right belongs to Middle to Upper Class people, who are mostly already financially stable enough to try and go for their dreams.
You might be thinking 'yeah right, Joelle. This isn't to do with social class, Tulisa got what she deserved.' But think about this...
Do you remember when a popular British model (who pulls funny faces and has thick eyebrows) dropped a bag of suspicious-looking white powder on her doorstep this year? Probably not, because the papers picked up on the story for a day and then allowed it to die away.
They dropped it because she's young, pretty and from Belgravia (a very affluent area in London), so is therefore allowed to shrug it off and get away with it. Even when the model admitted it was drugs and made a cryptic pseudo-apology on twitter, the scandal was old news within days.
Was that fair? Probably not.
I may not be a fan of Tulisa's music, but I am a fan of her courage to stand alone outside those courtrooms and tell the world about her ordeal. I definitely could not deal with most of the UK hating me and judging me 24/7, could you?
I am aware that this kind of topic is unusual for my blog, but I will never be afraid to use my personal space to call out any form of injustice that needs attention.
Yes, Tulisa committed a crime, but it should not have caused this media circus to circulate her like vultures waiting to rip her to shreds and leave her with nothing. 
I strongly believe that the media who actively sought out to slander and destroy her life are perhaps, the real criminals.


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