Saturday, 6 September 2014

InstaUpdate: AUGUST

A note from Joelle... 
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Hellooooooooooo! How have you been?
I've officially moved back to Scotland and I'm really glad to be back in the Granite City. I'm not here for long as I'm off on a week-long field trip tomorrow, but it should be good.
Last month was a lot more chilled and I spent more time at home sorting out uni admin, blog posts and trying out healthy recipes for uni.
1. I've been playing my flute and piccolo a lot more. I did my Grade 8 almost 3 years ago, so I'm considering doing my Diploma now.
2. Oooooooo, I love a nice Scottish breakfast. That black pudding was delicious and the flatbread thing is called a potato scone.
3. I got ma hurrr did. A bit longer and silkier for the new term :).
4. Still on that Champagne hype
5. Myself in cartoon form, courtesy of Ella from She And Life
6. The Trio Reunited!!
7. Roaming around the lavender fields.
8. Making the most delicious (and simple) baked apple crisps! The recipe will be on this blog very soon!
9. We celebrated Magnum's 25th birthday by making our own icecreams in Selfridges. So yummy!

How was your August? I hope September is good to you! :)


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