Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Jeans Style Challenge With Bonprix

A note from Joelle... 
Hello! Today, I bring you a 3-in-1 outfit post featuring these fabulous jeans from Bonprix.
I've spent most of this year jeans-free because I couldn't find a pair I really liked, but just look at these beauties? Bravo, BonPrix, bravo!
The subtle, but noticeable line pattern above the knee is something I've never seen before and is a really nice touch to the design in my opinion. 
Any did I mention the shape? I have quite large thighs and tend to avoid skinny jeans, but this pair are comfy and cut a great shape (if I do say so myself!).
Here's a look at the 3 ways I styled these jeans:
Look 1
I'm trying to hold on to Summer for as long as I can with this bow print crop top and heeled sandals. Wearing blue-on-blue can be tricky
Crop Top - H&M
Bracelet - Wavy Jewellery
Heels - New Look
I wasn't kidding when I said the jeans were figure-hugging, yet comfy! Just had to get an arse shot in this post! ;)

Look 2
For a more seasonal look, I slipped on my super-soft (and cosy) Arran jumper and donned a statement necklace that I'll be wearing a lot this Autumn. Notice how it's turned up the bottom of my jeans - I'm so preppy it's unreal!
Beret - Dorothy Perkins 
Necklace - Rare Fashion
Jumper - ASOS
Jeans - Bonprix
Heels - New Look
Look 3
Moving away from the blues and into Autumnal colours! As we all know, jeans are a casual staple piece, that we can just throw on on a relaxed day. Adding lighter colours on the top tends to work well and I seriously love wearing this detachable fur trim - so warm!
Fur Trim - Oh My Love
Cardigan - Select Clothing
Jeans - Bonprix
Clutch - Boohoo
Boots - Random shoe independent shoe shop

What do you think of the jeans and how I've styled them? Which look is your fave? :)


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