Friday, 12 September 2014

6 Things To Do Instead of Going To LFW

A note from Joelle... 
So, here's the deal: my Geology field trip has royaly fcuked up my London Fashion Week plans and I can no longer go to the shows I was invited to. 
Therefore I'm taking out my bitterness in this post! If you're not going to LFW (and wanted to) let's mope around together!
  1. Get the London [Fashion Week] look from home: Smudged eyeliner from queueing in the rain,  coffee-stained shirt from bitches bumping into you and pale cheeks from only eating cubes of cheese all day.
  2. Watch the shows on the live feed and slag off all the overdressed [but still insanely flawless] attendees
  3. Buy a week's supply of Vita Coco water, Propercorn and frozen yogurt to still be part of the LFW diet from the comfort of your couch.
  4. Make some paper origami and instagram them. Most Fashion Invites are abstract designs, so your followers will be none-the-wiser!
  5. Create your own catwalk with great lighting... aka the pavement in sunlight
  6. Cry yourself to sleep
It's actually not that much of a big deal, but yeah. ;)


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