Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Broke Bitch's Guide To... Student Living

A note from Joelle... 

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To be honest, it doesn't matter if you're from a rich or humble background, male or female, black or white - every student will be a broke b*itch at some point in their uni life.
For me, it was my first year at uni, when I found myself over-spending and starving my bank account of money. But, in my second year, I made small, but radical changes and I'm here to share them with you: 

1. Unfollow all the fashion/food/gaming websites that send you email newsletters - It was heartbreaking unsubscribing from the Topshop and ASOS mail (those sales, maaaaaan). But not knowing about all of those never-ending sales and offers saved me a heck of a lot of money! Joelle's bank - 1, Philip Green - 0.

2. Get a job (IF YOU HAVE TO) - If you don't think you will have enough to live on even when your student loan comes in, then consider finding a flexible part time job. There will be tonnes of bar work, promo, waitressing jobs that can easily fit your schedule. But if it get too much and you're missing classes because of work, you have to figure out your priorities ASAP. If you are still struggling with finances, there is no shame in contacting your uni/college's

3. Leave your card at home - Yep, you heard me! As painful as it is to separate yourself from your debit/credit card, you'll find yourself spending less if you only take out the cash you need to buy things. When you use your card, you're more likely to overspend because you can't see the money you're using!

4. Dinner Parties - They are a great way to socialise, PLUS you save money as everyone brings a dish to share!

5. Make the most of those Student Discounts - If you are a British Student, you can buy an NUS card, which gets you lots of discounts and special offers all year round.
Also, during the first term of uni, there are loads of special offers, discounts and freebies that are practically thrown at you, so remember to head into town or check out campus events.

6. Don't Buy Every Book On Your Reading List - University textbooks can set you back hundreds of pound/dollars a year! Try to find electronic versions or borrow them from your library. Textbooks are ridiculously expensive, and some you won't even use after a year. HOWEVER, if your lecturer advises you to buy a certain book, save up and buy it!

7. Try to set food shopping budget - My budget for the weekly food shop in around £20-25 a week and boy, that can buy quite a lot if you consider own-brand products.
If you are in a catered halls, then try to still have a budget for your drinks/snacks.

8. Alternative Gym Membership - As I have a [very expensive] gym membership back home, I tend to just run or go to fitness classes at uni. These classes are about £3-4 a lesson, which is much cheaper than forking out £200 for a yearly student membership.



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