Wednesday, 24 September 2014

VOGUE Fashion Night Out x Superdry

A note from Joelle... 

Last night was amazing. I travelled to my beautiful London and met up with my bestie Hannah. The hustle-and-bustle of the London Underground was too much for me, so I took the nearest exit and jumped (literally) onto the back of a bus. I was in luck, because the bus was only stopping at Piccadilly Circus - the place I needed to get to! YAY!
After a wee catch up with Hannah, we got a bit lost made our way to the Superdry store on Regent St.
Upon arrival, we were greeted with smiles from the staff and a b-e-atiful male acoustic vocal. Hannah and I followed the voice down some stairs and there we stayed and listened to The Fireflies - a blissfully soulful duo from London. The track that stuck with me the most was called "Stop Running" and I have downloaded it from iTunes to play forever and ever!

After the performance, we headed into the showroom where all the A/W items were. Here are Hannah and my favourites below:
 We took a little break from gawping at the jackets and pretty tops and filled up some bags with pick 'n' mix!
What's interesting is that I used to think Superdry was only good for warm hoodies, fluffy jumpers and preppy skiwear. This new collection is vibrant, fresh and I WANT IT ALL! 
The direction they have taken this season is highly commendable and I'll be at my local store buying most of the garments I took a picture of in this post! 
Many thanks to Maddie and the Superdry team for inviting us and for the generous gifts! Next week, I shall show you an OOTD with my new jacket!! Woohoo!
What do you think of the new Superdry collection? You can have a closer look HERE.


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