Saturday, 18 October 2014

Favourite Christmas Experience!

A note from Joelle... 
You might be thinking I am a bit keen posting about Christmas in October, but it's in under 100 days and that's definitely something to shout about, right?!
Transun have challenged some bloggers to blog about our favourite things about the festive season and the winning post will win a trip to Lapland!! Not too shabby, eh? Here are mine:
 THE FOOD - This is a no-brainer. You start eating at around 8am and don't stop until it's time to take the Christmas tree down in January.
The Festive Music - No Christmas would be complete without the Mariah Carey 'Merry Christmas' album, Michael Buble and The PoPoguesairytale of New York.
My church (Hillsong) take over Wembley Arena for a huge Carols concert, which is honestly the highlight of my year! The talented performers and the whole production is ridiculously cool!
The Smiles - There is only one occasion in this country when strangers smile at each other and even... dare I say it, start up a conversation - the lead up to Christmas! Weather you need help piling your Christmas tree into the car or going on a winter stroll, people are more cheerful!

The People - It's great seeing all the family and spending a few days in a glittery, festive bubble. We play games, tell lame jokes and just enjoy each other's company!

The Lights - I love walking into London and seeing those twinkly lights! Even on my road, families get really creative and make a Christmas light display!

"Merry Christmas!"
The Smells - Cinnamon, chestnuts, mulled wine, roast turkey, gingerbread, oooh I need to stop there before I start drooling!
The Message - All the things I listed above are things that I love, but the most important thing to me is remembering the true meaning of it all: Jesus being born in a stable full of animals. Such a humble and amazing birth that changed the world!
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" (in 67 days), but I'm not counting, or anything...
Thanks for reading!
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