Friday, 10 October 2014

King Of The Swingers!

A note from Joelle... 
So I went to a swingers club...
Okay, let me explain before you start getting ideas! I was kindly invited down to Shoreditch to take part in a new kind of bar experience.
"The institute of competitive socialising". They were not wrong about that, because we were here to play CRAZY GOLF!
That's right, my friends, 'Swingers' is a bar/crazy golf/place-of-absolute-awesomeness! 
When as soon as we entered, the excitement hit us like a stray golf ball! Not only was the place already buzzing by 8pm, we heard a mix of "oohs" and "aahs" from the putters on the golf course as well as the same noises from the people tucking into their pizzas/burgers.
But before we got down to some serious crazy golf, we headed over to the bar and ordered the Soho Spritz cocktail. As the event was sponsored by Spanish wine Titans Freixenet, this cocktail was made with Freixenet's delicious Cordon Negro Cava!
Let's get swingin'!
We teamed up with another pair of lovely ladies and quickly bonded over our inexperience of golf.
Hannah got into the swinging spirit pretty quickly and aced this shot!
There are nine parts of the course and they get harder each time. 
We waded through sand, ponds, bridges and whatever the hell this is...
I had to do a little happy dance when I got the ball into the hole in just two shots with the curly thing above. Was not expecting that!
So, it turns out I'm quite an aggressive swinger! Poor Seb pulled the "please don't hit me!" face many-a-time!
Now onto the food! We had a choice of juicy burgers from Patty & Bun or pizzas from Pizza Pilgrims. 
We decided to both go for Pizza Pilgrims. I think the pizza guy's pose for the camera sealed the deal!
Now, I tried to create a gif of the guy making shaping the dough, adding the toppings and placing it in a blasting furnace (which was the back of a van!)... but his hands were just too fast for me! This pizza was cooked to perfection in under FIVE minutes! 
But what about the flavour? How can something prepared and cooked so quickly taste any good?
Portobello mushroom, truffle oil, fior de latte and basil
Hannah went for the classic Margarita  - cooked to perfection
I was feeling more adventurous and went for the 'Nduja' - spicy Caribbean sausage
Let me just tell you now: these pizza are bloody delicious! The chewy base, crispy crust and sizzling toppings that marry in your mouth - HEAVEN!
Seriously, this pizza was goooooooooood!
Swingers is a great place to come for a unique  bar experience with the girls, a chillout session with colleagues after work or even a quirky date!
Apologies for the blurry pics - the mood lighting was too cool for my camera!
Many thanks to Sophia and Cirkle for the invite! I'll be back!
To find out more about Swingers, have a look at their website HERE


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