Saturday, 4 October 2014

Tips For Life After Freshers + #FreshersEssentials Giveaway!

A note from Joelle... 
Hey guys!
As it is now October, it's time to put away the fancy dress (until the end of the month!), UV paint and Freshers wristbands and start settling into real uni life!
Starting lectures and getting into a decent routine can seem a bit daunting, but I have a few words of advice that really helped me out:
  1. Continue to be active - Whether that's by joining the rugby team, uni newspaper, Cocktail Club or feminist society, being an active member of a society can make you feel a part of something special. It's also a great way to meet new people and beat homesickness as you are immersing yourself in uni life!
  2. Keep healthy - Fresher's Flu is a killer (a bit over-dramatic, but yeah) and it can take it's toll at the start of classes. I recommend, stocking up on multivitamins, medicine and things that genuinely comfort you - even if it's the sound of your Mum's voice! Also, take this time to register at a local dentist and medical  clinic.
  3. Go on an adventure around your new city- Sooooooo many people haven't explored the city they study in. In my first year, I got together with some new pals, jumped on a bus and roamed around Aberdeen for the day. Taking a day trip to explore is always fun and full of those cute experiences you won't get if you just go clubbing all the time.
  4. The power of music - Blasting your favourite songs in your room can really up your mood and even generate organic conversation between yourself and flatmates. Music can help you to relax, get ready for a night out and even help you study. Just remember to be considerate when it comes to volume though! 
  5. Talk to everyone - Yes, everyone. You never know who will become really good friends with. All it takes is for you to start a little conversation. At school, it's easy to stick to your clique and not interact with people because they are too popular/unpopular. The good news at uni, is that none of that matters anymore and you are all on an equal page (no matter what anyone says!). Most of my best friends at uni are the ones who I just started talking to and having a light conversation with! It may seem daunting, but everyone is more-or-less in the same boat and wants to make friends!
  6. Try not to wallow/worry - In my First year, I was constantly panicking that I'd be told off if I arrived late or missed just one lecture. Lecturers know that they will never get 100% attendance and will understand if you miss some (smaller seminars may be less lenient!). Basically, it doesn't mean you are a crap student who won't graduate if you don't make it to every single class. But, try not to avoid/skip them on purpose. Also, wallowing over things you can't control is also a no-no. I spent a very long time in my room upset and homesick. But things will get better as the term goes on!
  7. Go to class!! - Remember what uni is actually about... getting a degree! So, it's vital that you attend the majority of your classes and make time to study. This involves taking a library tour and making sure you know how to take books out and how to find them (it's  harder than it looks). Although missing a few classes due to illness is okay, your teachers will track you down if they see a pattern forming in your lack of attendance (even if the class doesn't have a register) - I know this oh so well.
Now onto the fun bit! The kind folks at Intellicig sent me this super-handy #FreshersEssentials pack to help me through! It include: plasters, earplugs, multivitamins, breakfast biscuits, Student recipe book, intellicig e-cigarette, £20 Paperchase gift card, a 16 GB memory stick and some cold and flu hot drink sachets!
For your chance to win your own #FreshersEssentials pack, enter below!
Good luck!


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