Monday, 20 October 2014

Uni Room Decor Tour

A note from Joelle... 


Happy Monday! "Ya twistin' my melon, man!"
I hope you had a fabulous weekend [and got the song reference above...].
Today, I'd thought I'd share some bits and pieces that I have in my new uni room. Before this year, I wasn't one for decorations or fancy decor when it came to my uni room. But now, I love coming home to a tidy, pretty place with quirky bits and bobs!
I have a very pretty geological map on my wall from Paperchase, some revision notes, and empty vase [must get some flowers for that!] and this gorge clutch from Boohoo. All totally random when put together, but I love this little corner on my shelf!
After years of reading action/thrillers, I thought it was high time to delve into the world of Chic-Lit. It's safe to say that I am building a little collection on my shelf, but would still rather read something action-packed!
 The huuuuuge plastic cup was only £1.50 from Primark and this Happy Jackson lunchbox was £3.99 from New look. I was so bored of carrying my lunch in a plastic bag, so bought this to jazz lunchtime at uni up a bit. These are a total bargain and come in other colours.
As a writer, I have so many pretty notepads! I may not have written a single thing in some of theme, but they are so pretty to look at! The small Tube Map one at the top of this pile was only £5 from Paperchase [my new favourite stationery shop!].
As you know, I am a serious (fruit and herbal) tea drinker (I know, I've changed...) and I own a ridiculous amount of mugs! I even use some of them as bookends! 
I seem to have most makeup tools than actual makeup! Brushes and nail art tools are placed in my thin, glass vase and other applicators rest on top of my cute acrylic box. It's so good that it's clear and has little draws for my jewellery - I always know where everything is! I purchased it from HERE. Such a steal, right?
I really recommend investing in a clear storage box as it goes with everything and it keeps your desk space clean and tidy :).
 Can you tell I like maps a little bit? The vintage world map is from Amazon and the Tube Map is from Paperchase. The Tube Map is great because it reminds me of home when I'm up here.
When it comes to lighting, I find fairy lights too girly for my taste, but love to burn a few scented candles or tealights by the window. I also have some cute magnets made from my old instagram snaps, which were made for me a while ago.

Aaaaaaaaaaand finally, who doesn't love a good bit of tartan and some Union Jacks [probably Alex Salmond...]? This bunting was a total steal from TK Maxx at about £2!

Do you have any quirky bits and bobs in our bedroom?



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