Tuesday, 25 November 2014

#PRRequest Christmas Appeal

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'I Who Have Nothing' - Haley Reinhart  ♫ ♪

There is so much nice stuff that I can't afford right now (#BrokeBitch) and it's getting me down - like, super down.

But I've come up with a simple solution to all my woes...

Seeing as the #prrequest hashtag on twitter isn't for people who actually work in PR and more for bloggers asking for freebies - I have taken it upon myself to start a Christmas Appeal... for my own reader's benefit, of course. And anyway, what's that amazing saying? 'If you don't beg for free stuff, you're not good enough...'

I promise to 'review' everything I get from this list and might even make them all positive, seeing as I'm in the mood of festive giving.
Here's a list of the things I want but don't really need in order to have a successful, happy blog and an even happier Christmas:

A Bichon Frise, who will love me no matter what mistakes I make in life

Zoella's old Brighton penthouse

A Date With Harry Styles

Actually, a date with all five of One Direction

Oh, and the ethnic one from 5SOS

Front row seats next to Anna Wintour at all major London Fashion Week Shows 

A hipster cafe in Shoreditch named after me

A lock of Ariana Grande's weave

Pouting lessons from Kylie Jenner

A Nando's black card

Someone to come and take my makeup off at night (and to feed me cheesecake, but I am willing to negotiate on that one)

234 blue Smarties - not the dodgy grey looking ones, but the real ones jacked up with E numbers

A bag Miley Cyrus' favourite choice of drug

One of those bathtubs that stands on it's own and isn't connected to the wall, with shiny, silver taps, and a showerhead that doesn't have mould

Christmas is a time of giving, being generous and thinking about the less-fortunate, me.
So PRs, brands and companies, please keep that in your mind and spare a thought for me this Christmas.
I promise a sterling review (maybe, probs not).
#PRRequest Christmas Appeal
Peace 'n' love, peace 'n' love.


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