Monday, 10 November 2014

RECIPE: Vegan Breakfast Oat Cookies

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This is quite an impromptu post, as I just created this on a whim this morning. I like to make my 'Breakfast Fruit Tart' I wanted to experiment with some leftover raspberries I had.

I have found that this is the perfect breakfast/snack treat! It's sweet (without sugar), crunchy (without butter) and chewy (without syrups/additives).
We all know how good bananas are for you (potassium and all that), but did you know that oats help release energy in your body throughout the day and keep you fuller for longer?
Vegan Healthy Breakfast Oat Cookies
It's vegan, dairy-free and sugar-free, so a fabulous and healthy alternative to cereal bars, which are often packed with hidden sugars and additives.
With only 4 ingredients, it can be on your plate in 10 minutes!
Did I forget to mention that this is bimmin' delicious?
Okay, here's how you make it:
Vegan Healthy Breakfast Oat Cookies
You will need:
6 heaped tbsp porridge/rolled oats
A handful of raspberries (chopped in half if they are on the larger side)
1 very ripe banana (when it has those black spots on the skin!)
A pinch of ground cinnamon

- Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and line/grease a baking tray
 - Mash up the banana
 - Add the cinnamon
 - Add the oats
- Add the raspberries
 - Mix it all together
 - roll out little balls with your hand
- place them onto the baking tray (press them down for the cookie shape, if you like)
 - Bake for 5-10 mins or until golden brown
 Eat them while they are nice 'n' warm :)
Vegan Healthy Breakfast Oat Cookies
Like this? Why not try it with dried apricots, almond flakes, dessicated coconut or crystallized ginger? 
I have 9 Other Healthy Breakfast Recipes if this one doesn't quite float your boat!
'Season's eatings!'


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