Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sh*t That Better Not Be In 2015

A note from Joelle... 

♫ ♪ 'It Wasn't Me' - Shaggy ♫ ♪

Aerial Food Shots - When did this become a 'thing'? How does the steam not fog up your camera lens? Do you legit stand up/on a table to take that instagram photo? What if you drop your phone into your food? Are there classes you can take in this special art? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Dapper Laughs - He is neither funny nor dapper. And the fact that ITV gave him his own show means that they too are endorsing this gross 'lad' culture and trying to pass it off as 'banter'.
I would link you to his Vine channel, but I respect you too much to insult you with his diabolical material. I hope he has enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. *Update - Daniel O'Reilly has stopped his 'Dapper Laughs' character after all the media backlash and was on Newsnight. I can't forgive him for wearing that dodgy turtleneck, I'm afraid....
Bloggers Taking Pictures By Property They Do Not Own - No seriously, can this stop now? It's kind of shocking that the poor homeowner can't even step foot outside their front door because a blogger is using the black door and polished brass knocker as the background of their latest OOTD. 
It doesn't matter if they have a 'rich-looking door', if it ain't yours, don't use it! This also goes for vintage cars, bikes and mopeds!

Skinny Shaming - Just like 'Fat shaming', it's wrong. We have existed as human being for thousands of years. So surely in 2014, we should know that some people are naturally slim, curvy, larger, aubergine-shaped. Men and magazines in particular have no right commenting on women's individual body shapes - especially ones they have never even met. If you're slim, OWN IT! If you have a huge arse, OWN IT! There's no such thing as 'perfect' or 'normal'.

Facebook Propaganda - Just because a picture or video has over 1000 'likes' on Facebook, it doesn't make it a valid source of information. Most of these 'real' videos/images are crafted/edited in certain ways by companies to get as many likes, shares and follows as possible. You're basically giving them money by being gullible. 

'Feeling A Type Of Way' - Can anyone please explain to me what this phrase even means? Even better, why not just tell people the specific emotion you are feeling... It saves both my time and yours.

Who in their right mind even suggested creating this? I wish I was in the boardroom when the pitch was happening! Apparently, the nation has been crying out for ... #BrokenBritain.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe.

Are there any things you want kept in 2014? Let me know!


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