Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Against The Grain

A note from Joelle... 
Finding your virtual voice as a writer is something most bloggers want to achieve. 
It's a unique spark that (with just the right amount of creativity and patience) can ignite and make your blog really gleam and shine.
Some change their writing style to match the more established bloggers and that's what I tried to do in the beginning...
But then I realised it was bullsh*t.
I was soooo bored of pretending to 'lust after' shoes and acting like all I did was eat cupcakes and care about scented candles. I tried to have a shopping obsession, but I hate shopping... I fcuking hate it!
I decided to open up about the things that frustrated me in the blogging world instead like Exploitation, #prrequest tag, blagging for things and bloggers at LFW and there it was.
My voice that had been suppressed and compressed for 6 years. 
Writing about serious things and blogger issues with a little comedic twist was very different to my normal posts, but it worked, and made me happy.
I was going against the grain - a minority in a sea of #ootds and beauty box hauls.
But I felt free, energised and light. 
That's how your blog is meant to make you feel, right?
It just exploded, but with it came a mob of angry bloggers calling me 'ungrateful', 'fake' and 'attention seeking'. 
I'd see the indirect tweets about me and even though I told myself I didn't care, I did care. I really cared about what they thought.
Because to think some people were reading something I spent hours on (and poured my heart out over) and then just totally ignoring its message and attacking me personally was hard to take.
By all means, have an opposing opinion to mine and argue your thoughts... but it should be done respectfully. 
All I was doing was finally coming clean about things that bugged me and hoped to find others that felt the same way so that we could do something about it.
I am far from a 'Blogger Guru' (does that even exist?) or an expert. I just have an opinion and can't be arsed to censor myself anymore.
What's interesting is that I towards the end of this year, I blogged less and less.
This space gave me so much joy, but those little digs and tweets just really got to me and I was actually too scared to write more thought posts like this. 
I played it safe with recipes and wishlists, but longed to get back out there and write what I really wanted to write.
After a lot of thought, I stared again with my 'How To Pose Like A Blogger' post. Just a bit of fun, taking the mickey out of how us bloggers like to pose in outfit pictures.
The response was great and it really lifted my spirits. No one took it the wrong way and just saw it for what is was: a joke.
So, I'm glad to say... I'M BACK and here to stay! 
I'm over the mean comments and my skin is thicker! 
I have this virtual voice that was held back so much, but it won't happen again. This blog is where it belongs. 
And your honest comments are always welcome too.

There is one thing I want you to take away from this post, it's this: be bold and be honest with your writing. That is the only way.
At the start of 2015, look at your blog (even if it's a hobby), really look at your content and think of about 5 things you love about it/your writing.
Of course, humility and humbleness is important, but don't slag off your own skills/talents/creativity just because you're worried people will call you self-centered.
Then ask yourself if this is the stuff you really want to write about. Your content might interest your readers, but does it interest you? When you are about to publish a post, do you feel excited?
If not, then maybe it's time for a little change. And hey, you might rediscover you virtual voice!

This post has been all over the place  - haha!
And if this is your first time on my blog, hey! I'm Joelle and I hope you stick around.
I've only just begun...


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