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The Best Of 2014

A note from Joelle... 
Hello there! This is my 2014 round-up post about some cool things that have happened this year.
If you're interested in my 2012 and 2013 posts, click HERE  and HERE.
I started the New Year by thinking about the direction I wanted my blog to go it. I wasn't so keen on wishlist posts anymore and wanted to do more thought pieces about prominent blogging topics. 
My Bloggers At Fashion Week post was quite well-received and I was surprised at how many other people thought similar things to me.
It's a post I was really proud of.

This month was only 28 days long, but boy, did a lot happen! 
Firstly, FebruaryGirl turned THREE!
A few weeks later, I took a trip down to london for Fashion Week. I usually go alone, but this time around I actually have a full-on FILM CREW following me around for the day. We filmed a 'Follow Me Round' kind of thing for a blogging TV series, which was really cool. The crew then came to my house where I was interviewed.
I tried my hand at LFW Street Style Photography, which was the single-most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done. But I managed to build up the confidence to ask people to pose for me, so it was worth it!.
At the end of month, I turn the grand old age of 20! I kept it very low-key and took a night trip to the beach to see teh Northern Lights with my flatmates.

My 'Blogger or Blagger' caused a bit of a stir, but I wanted to create a genuine discussion about blogger culture and whether some were in it for the wrong reasons.
This led onto another post I called , 'What Happened To Girl Power?' about what it means to women in 2014. I loved reading everyone's views on the post!
Attending my first Univerity Ball was a pretty cool moment for myself and the ACS committee. We even won an away for 'Best Event'. I spend a ridic amount of money on that dress, but I think I actually looked pretty decent for once!

I didn't blog much this month because I was on a uni fieldtrip with no decent wifi. My class went to the Isle of Arran and the scenery was like something out of Lord Of The Rings! You can see some pictures HERE.

This month, I actually took the whole month off blogging, even though it didn't look like it because I had so many posts scheduled to be uploaded.
I was really stressed out with exams and knew it was the right thing to do. However, I managed to turn something that annoyed me about studying into a full-on rant post: 'The Library Struggle', which highlighted everything I can't stand about my uni's library. I am very proud of that pie chart I made for this post!

Early this month, I packed up my things and moved from Scotland back home to London. But I was only here for a day, as I the jetted off to Bordeaux to see my sister! My Mum also graduated with a PhD and became a Doctor, which was the coolest thing ever - so proud!
This was the month where I truly let do and started no caring about being a bit of a goofball on my blog. I wrote 'My Blogging Fails', which highlighted a lot of my fails as a blogger. I wanted to show that no blogger has a 'perfect life', and that we are all the just same in the end!

July was a really chilled month, where I didn't really do much because of the intensive fitness regime I was on. But I did get the opportunity to attend a cool event, 'Battersea Power Station Party. We were one of the last people to get up-close-and-personal with the iconic building before they started demolishing it.

I finally lost weight and toned up my body all over! WOOHOO! I finally felt more confident in my body and it was a fab feeling.
The two posts that stood out this month were my 'The Tulisa Scandal' and 'Blogger Outtakes' posts. One was super-serious and the other... not so much! 


I entered my third year of Uni and got so stressed over my field trip to the Isle of Skye and other uni-related things.
I had taken some time off blogging over the summer. But I came back with a punch and created 'How To Pose Like A Blogger', which was a continuation of my 'How To Be A Legit Blogger' post.

I wrote another post called 'Get Ready With Me (Honest Version)', where I took the mick out of myself and those slightly ridiculous 'Get Ready With Me' videos on YouTube! What do you think of the post?

With coursework taking over my entire life, my posts were flagging a bit, but I decided to only blog after all my uni work was done and handed it. #Disipline!
With that said, I did take a week off to spend time with friends back in London and tried a really cool bar that was also a crazy golf course. It's called 'Swingers' and I really recommend it.

I took a 'Day Trip To Palma  with Thomson', which was such an amazing experience! I even got to meet one of my favourite bloggers, Daisy and spend the day exploring the city with her.


I dropped another one of my random posts on you all in the name of the #PRRequest Christmas Appeal. And it was so funny reading your reactions (I was totally joking in that post - promise!)

I do like to show my serious side every now-and-then with a thought post called 'Are Bloggers Being Exploited?'. It seemed to strike a chord with a lot you you, which I thought was fab. Even though not everyone agreed, it was good to get the ball rolling about this controversial subject.

The month of Christmas finally came around and I could not be happier to be taking a loooooooong break from Uni.

Against The Grain was a post about how and why I changed my writing style. It was really well-received, so THANK YOU! 

I have been supporting the No More Page 3 campaign for a year now and chose to write a post about why I was a supported: Why Boobs Aren't News. I like writing these kinds of articles, because they allow my readers to 

My sister and I were invited to the The London Chocolate Festival. As you can tell from the picture below, I had a good time!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, it's been an incredible year. Thank you so much for sticking with me through the hecticness of it all! Your support really means a lot to me!
Happy holidays, everyone! 2015 is going to be AMAZING! 
Go any plans for NYE? I'll be chilling at a friend's house. Staying in is the new going out, right? ;)


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