Sunday, 28 December 2014

The 'Deen Scene: Bottle Cap Brewery

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Coconut beer, anyone?

I don't like ale. And I grew out of playing board games, when I realised they were... well, boring. 
So with that in mind, it's interesting that I'm writing about this amazing new bar in Aberdeen, which specialises in ales and boardgames, right?
E and I about to get stuck into Jenga. (we ended up chatting for so long, we didn't even play it!)

So, there I was walking in, not expecting very much. But my friend hyped this place up to me so much, that I went with an open mind... and I am glad that I did.
The vibe is so chilled, even I was convinced that
I was introduced to this new bar by a course mate, who had been raving about it for weeks. But with this new bar just a stone’s throw away from Six Degrees North and Brewdog, what’s so different about Bottle Cap?
Well some of the beers are brewed in their own brewery on the top floor of the premises. Also, the unique beers and ales in Bottle Cap are changed every week, so it is a great place to experience new flavours.
For me, it’s just a nice change of scenery with a relaxed vibe, friendly staff and a choice of board games to play while you sample unique beers/ cocktails. The walls also double as blackboards and you are free to create your own works of art as you relax.

Their Sunday night pub quiz is ace too! You just turn up with some mates, pay a few pounds for a pizza and have fun! My team came second to last.......

Not bad pricings either, which makes it a winner with students.

If you're in town, make sure to check it out!

10 Littlejohn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1FF



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