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How I Went Caffeine-Free!

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How I Went Caffeine-Free!

As I have been caffiene-free for just over a year now, I thought it's time to share my journey with you guys.
Let me start at the beginning...
Since the age of 13 up until 19, I had been tea-obsessed. Looking back on it, I guess you could say it was an addiction, as I physically could not function without my 8 cups of Earl Grey tea... every day. I had the occasional carbonated drink like Coca Cola, but was never one for energy drinks such as Lucozade or Red Bull. I guess only having to cut back on tea and Coca Cola made things a bit easier (coffee addicts tend to struggle more with going caffeine-free).

How did I stop my addiction?
I quit, cold turkey, which was the best way for me. Otherwise, I would have carried on making stupid excuses and not getting anywhere with improving my health. So one morning, I threw out all my teabags and coffee jars. But then I realised I was having friends over and bought some more to offer them! But I placed them on the high cupboard that I struggle to reach, so that I was not tempted!
I won't lie to you, I got really moody and grumpy the first few days. My body was so used to 8 cups of tea a day, so it got confused when it got 8 glasses of water instead.
I found myself deprived and desperate for a cheeky Earl Grey or latte, but I stayed strong and thought about how better off I'd be if I carried on with my water/herbal teas.

I was already a fan of jasmine teas from my trip to China a few years back, but still wasn't convinced that I could embrace it as a substitute.
Furthermore, lots of people said to me "why stop drinking teas/coffees when you can just have decaf?" But little do they know that a craaay amount of solvents go into decaf drinks, some of which are toxic. So there's no way they are entering my body!
Plus the whole point of going caffeine-free was to put less harsh chemicals in my body, so that I feel energised instead of sluggish.

So what have I been drinking?
I am a huge fan of herbal and fruit teas, especially the flavours Twinings bring out (ginger and lemon is my current favourite). I can't lie though, I had to really train myself to like the taste without honey or sweeteners. It's definitely true than fruit teas smell better than they taste. But these days, I sit back, sip away and actually enjoy it.

Another fave is warm water and lemon. You might think that's so bland and tasteless, but I dare you to Google 'Health benefits of drinking water and lemon'. Your mind will be blown! 

So, have I seen any physical changes, you may be asking? YES! Firstly, the dark, baggy circles under my eyes are practically non-existent. They really used to get me down during my teen years, but now my skin is repairing itself!
I'm also more energised in the morning, which means I'm more productive and my general attitude is better.
Oh and another big thing... It's helped me finally lose 1 full stone (with a lot of gym sessions as well)! Swapping energy drinks for herbal teas and lemon water has really helped and I'm really happy about that!

So yes, it's still really hard walking into Starbucks, smelling all those amazing spiced lattes and festive drinks and ordering jasmine tea, but I know what I'm doing is good for me in the long-run!
Have you ever tried going caffeine-free? What are your thoughts on this?


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