Thursday, 8 January 2015

Marilyn Moment

A note from Joelle... 

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Hi guys! I hope you're having a great week and aren't too bummed out about the holidays ending. I've still got another week until I head up back to Aberdeen, so took this time to do some Outfit Of The Day posts. This blog isn't really fashion orientated anymore (cba), but I still love showing you guys what's I'm wearing/loving. 
Today, I bring you this beaut of a dress and some stunning party shoes. I had a proper Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind picked up, hence my expression in these pics!
Dress - Matalan
Clutch - Matalan
Necklace - New Look

 Anyway, onto the outfit. I have never been so impressed with a high street store in my life. Matalan has seriously upped their game and their current dresses are incredible. I'm actually off to my local store this morning to pick up a few more things for uni. AND most of them are in the £12-25 range. IS THIS REAL LIFE?(or is it just fantasy. Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality...)
Okay, I'm getting carried away! You can find the collection HERE.
Matalan Dress Febgirl OOTD
Now onto the beautiful shoes. They are from Simply Be, a plus-size clothing specialist but also a company that has wonderful shoes for different occasions. I didn't even know they did shoes!
Simply Be Party Shoes
Check out their Party Shoes Guide to help you find the perfect shoes for parties! It has some great tips on everything from style and shape, to comfort!
A personal tip from me would be to buy comfort pads to act as a barrier so that you don't feel pain and last longer in your heels! I also recommend wearing heels with a platform and thick heel, as they are more comfortable! 
Oh, I have a new feature on my blog: OUTTAKES ! I'll be uploading the most hilare pics of me that I should have deleted, but didn't for your own amusment. Don't say I never do anything for you!

Stay awesome,
Joelle xoxo


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