Thursday, 19 February 2015


A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'God Help The Girl' - Emily Browning ♫♪

This is a very personal post for me and I was seriously debating whether or not to post it.
 I've struggled with this thing for so long and have kept all my emotions locked up in tiny, opaque corner of my mind.
I've never openly talked about it with anyone due to a fear of how they will react - I am aware that the people who know me already know that something's not been quite right with me for a while...
But, I thought writing this post would act as a sort of therapy and even help a few of you, who might be going trough a similar ordeal.
But here it goes... *takes a deep breath*
I don't have a strong brow game... there, I said typed it.
My eyebrows are not on-fleek. They are "non-fleek" and I feel like a HUGE weight has just been lifted off my shoulders now that I've put it out in the open.
I feel like the lack of arch and length of my brow it's holding me back from achieving true greatness.
Do you think having non-fleek eyebrows will affect my future? Be honest, we all know it will, so that's why I'm seeking the best help I can afford.
It doesn't matter if I get a First Class degree or have the best contacts, no one will ever take me seriously as a Scientist without perfectly symmetrical brows (with a perfect slanting dip of 13 degrees). No way.
And then I've got my family to think about! I'm a total embarrassment to them and have to walk ten metres behind them when in public. 
I don't blame them at all. I mean, who wants to be associated with someone who doesn't know how to use an eyebrow pallet or is too chicken to thread regularly?
The pressure to achieve 100% on-fleek-ness is too much.
I can only blame Cara Delevingne for this shit. This unnecessary pressure on girls to achieve brow perfection is ruining so many lives worldwide, I'm sure of it!
No one gave a fcuk about eyebrows before she came on the scene.

I've been suffering for too long, but I refuse to let my basic brows hold me back from success! That's why I've set up the #NonFleekSupportGroup, to show the world that we are humans and should not be treated as second class citizens. We have rights too!

Thanks for reading. Your support during this tough time is much appreciated.



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