Friday, 27 March 2015

The 'Deen Scene: My 21st Birthday Ball!

A note from Joelle... 
I can't stand celebrating my birthday. I find it so weird having a day where all eyes are on me. No joke, it's my worst nightmare.
The Ball started off as a party for my flat mate's 22nd (she's also a February Girl! In fact, both my flatmates are!)
But then, like always I was roped into a joint birthday, even though I've never organised a party, yet alone a BALL in my life! Ahhhhhhhh!
So let's start at the beginning: 27t Feb 2015. I turned 21 at around 10.30am and headed off to the airport to pick up Hannah, who had flown in from London (coolest thing EVER!).
 So I got ready feeling super happy that it was my birthday!
And then I remembered that it was probably going to be one of the longest days of my life...
My family sent me some flowers, chocolates, cards and balloons the day before, which was a lovely surprise (I never expect anything!).

The Hotel
Dede and I were hosting the Ball in the Thistle, so it made sense to book a room to get ready and sleep in afterwards, instead of having to lug everything back home.
When we got there, were were told that we had been upgraded to a King room! N'awww, so nice of them! They must've known it was my big day!

The Ball
After a nice manicure and too many glasses of pink Champagne, it was time to head downstairs and check the final arrangements, such as seating plans, menus and lighting. Everything was under control and the Thistle event staff were so efficient!
We then checked the DJ equipment, blew up some balloons and then headed off upstairs to finally get ready.
I was incredibly nervous leading up to 8pm. Things were going far too smoothly and in the back of my mind I thought something bad was going to happen last minute.
We have two rounds of guests coming: around 50 for the three-course meal and then some just for the party (we're still broke students after all!)
When everyone started arriving D and I were so, so happy. Our friends scrub up well! 
I wore this gold dress, rented from Girl Meets Dress. 
It wasn't my first choice, or my second... or third, but I didn't really have a choice in the matter after so many cock ups with deliveries of my original dress.
I'm just incredibly grateful that this one arrived just in time! Plus, I felt great in it, so I'm glad I chose to rent!
And after!
Just look at how stunning Dede is!!
 With all the places set, bow ties on, waiters ready and mood lighting set, it's was showtime!

All our guests were treated to a glass of Champagne on arrival (ooooh, fancy).
Then we sat down to a lovely meal consisting of lamb with roast veg, roasted pepper and tomato soup and some sweets from our candy table.
Me being me, I had to have a dress-change after dinner! #Diva
This dress is from Little Mistress and you can find it HERE.
image by J. Pugsley
Just one more look
It went so smoothly and I couldn't have wished for a better day! Everyone looked stunning and I'm glad they had a good night.
Looking back at the photos, you can see my levels of drunkenness increase with every flash of a camera. Oh brilliant!
When you go out of your comfort zone and just go for it, it's a really great feeling!


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