Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Tablet For Life With Three Mobile

A note from Joelle... 

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My tablet is only a wee little thing, and it's been hell trying to find accessories like a cover, case or stand to fit it.
Because of this, I let it gather dust for almost a year in my drawer and I just relied on my laptop, even though it's really bulky and quite heavy to carry around everywhere.
But everything changed when I was kindly gifted this Universal Bluetooth Keyboard*  for 7"-8" tablets from Three Mobile.
Boy, it's amazing. 
It looks like a little leather journal, but what's inside is pretty cool.

To be honest, I like trying new gadgets and stuff, but I did think the idea of a wireless bluetooth keyboard was a bit pointless. There's a keyboard on the tablet screen when you need it. That's kind of the point of a tablet - everything is on a single screen.

But I was wrong...
So how does it work? Well you use the grips to secure your tablet into the leather case and then switch the keyboard on using the button. You then pair it via bluetooth and you're good to go.

 - A stand to keep your tablet upright
  - Micro USB port for charging
 - The keyboard is paired with the device via bluetooth, so there's no annoying software you need to download!
- The keyboard is attached by magnets, so it's detachable when you don't need it
 - Padded case for tablet protection
 - The keyboard doesn't make too much noise when tapping away (this is a big benefit when in a super-quiet library)
 - The keyboard connects with IOS, Windows and Android tablets
 - No more scratches on my tablet screen! Because I use the glass screen less, it's less streaky and will probably have a longer lasting life now.
So has it been helpful? Umm, YES! I've been pretty organised (for once) with this little baby. I takes my tablet and portable keyboard out and about and it's super light and small enough to fit in my satchel.
I didn't use document software like Word of my tablet before, because there wasn't really a point. But now, I do and it's made my life so much easier because I can do work on my tablet and transfer it to my laptop at a later date.
I get emails done at super-speed and make less mistakes on my work because I'm not using the annoying touchscreen keyboard.
Have a look at the variety of Three tablets!
I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to my tablet: Please forgive me. I will never forsake you ever again! My tablet is for life!


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