Monday, 2 March 2015

The 'Deen Scene: I'M IN A MAGAZINE!

A note from Joelle... 
Just a quick one! I hope you're well and had a good weekend.
Basically, a really cool thing happened yesterday and I just had to let you know.
I am in this month's edition of Aberdeen I-on Mag. It's a big Scottish Lifestyle magazine and is just super cool. 
I was asked to do an interview about my style and then we shot some images for the feature on my uni's ancient camps.  
I'm still not used to this side of blogging, so please don't think I'm bragging. It's just very overwhelming and exciting seeing something you have dreamed about coming to life.
Many thanks to Susie Cormack-Bruce (the Editor) and Susie Lowe (the Photographer) for considering me for the review. I can't thank you both enough!
Aberdonians, you can pick up your free copies in selected shops and cafes in town.
If you'd like to read the article, please check out the I-on Aberdeen site HERE.


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