Thursday, 16 April 2015

'Me Time'

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'Therapy' - All Time Low ♫♪

Lots of people are so afraid of being alone these days, even though most won't admit it. 
Some find it really hard to disconnect from Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook and just be alone with themselves without distractions.
We feel like we need to know what everyone's up to and update people on our own lives even if it's not really a reflection of how our day has actually been.
We automatically feel that we have to post countless pictures to prove that our lives are interesting and, dare I say it, relevant...
I used to be like that. But I guess I have parted ways with that way of thinking and it was the best decision everrrrrr!
The truth is, I have just been having more 'me' time and I am loving it! Why? Because there's no shame in wanting time off from people. It's a time to take stock, get creative and just chill.
Here's what I do:

Light candles - I didn't believe the scented candle hype this time last year, but after getting loads for my birthday, I finally get it. 
This one is from Flamingo Gifts* and it noiiiiiice. What's fab about this Oriental Lotus and Rose Otto is that it does have that sickly, overpowering scent. It burns really well and the aroma is so dreamy! 

Reading - I do this thing where I pass on a book to someone after I've finished reading it. I add a little note telling them what I liked about it too. Books you enjoyed aren't meant to just gather dust on a shelf for the rest of it's life. They are meant to be passed on and shared.
Right now, I've just started 'The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting' by Holly Bourne and am still gripped by 'Only Every Yours' by Louise O'Neil, even though I finished it a month ago. - if you remember my '5 Ways To Relax' post, you'll know that this app/website is my place! Free natural sounds and calming images really help my to unwind.

Writing - It's what I do all-day, everyday, but I've rediscovered the art of actually putting pen-to-paper and jotting things down by hand. 
 I don't always write plays and stories though. Most of the time, it's ridiculous lists about anything and everything.

Lavender - I keep a pouch of dried lavender on my bedside table. It's soothing and is scientifically proven to help you get a good night's sleep. Plus it smells bloomin' lovely. 

Tea - I'm all for herbal and fruit teas. It's been over a year since I went caffeine-free and it's opened my eyes to so many
Golden Tips* tea is a new favourite. They kindly sent my 10 blends to try and the quality and taste is really something. Loose leaf teas bring out a whole new drinking experience.

Pamper - Facemasks aren't just for prepubescent girls at a sleepover! Spending time pampering yourself with a fresh manicure and an ugly-looking facemask can really lift your mood. I try to do this at least once a month, usually on a Sunday night.
Little tip: remember to peel off your gel face mask before the leave the house and try to get on a bus..................

Independence - I like to go to bookshop and sit in the cafe bit with a book for a few hours. I barely take my eyes off the pages and just read and read until it's dark.
Going to the cinema, theatre and restaurants alone is also really, really scary at first, but I'm so glad I am now comfortable with it. No one stares at you or even takes pity on you. In fact, people are too involved in their own like that they barely notice you, so there really is nothing to worry about!
Life is meant to be enjoyed, even when you choose to do things alone, for once!



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