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Review: Slimming Solutions Teatox

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I am back with another 'teatox' review!  After the last one left me in limbo, I wasn't convinced that these kinds of teas really did anything apart from give you the runs every other day.
But I'm not one for giving up, so when a company got in touch about their tea detox range, I decided to give it another shot. New Year, new tea and all that... 

Introducing Slimming Solutions, a company passionate about helping people achieve their body goals.

I have tried some in the past and although I felt refreshed, I didn't recommend it for slimming. We all know that eating well, drinking water, getting enough sleep and more exercise is the main way to achieve weight loss.
I was kindly gifted the Teatox pack, which consists of 14 day and 14 evening blends.
I knew that if I wanted these teas to have a better effect on me, I knew I had to do more than a few stretches on my yoga mat every morning/night. Alongside the teas, I hit the gym for two hours 4 days a week. I've never been this disciplined! 
To be honest with you, I am very sceptical of using tea to aid weight loss. I just don't buy that a tea can make you lose weight and 'burn fat' like this tea package claims to do. 
Sure, it's better than alcohol and fizzy drinks, but lots of exercise, lots of water and a balanced diet is the foolproof way to burn fat. Everything else is secondary. 
The taste: The daytime tea is such a joy to drink. I leave the teabag to brew in the mug of hot water and then top it up with more hot water when I want more. I can usually get two cups out of the teabag and the flavour never diminishes! 
Once again, I had issues with the evening blend. It tastes very similar to the Bootea evening tea, perhaps because they both has senna leaves and licorice in them. I honestly can't stand either of those ingredients and have to hold my breath.
What's interesting though, is that I didn't have to go to the toilet (if you know what I mean) that much with this tea. I felt fuller for longer and that was what I was hoping for.

The packaging: I'm a sucker for neat, clear packaging and this one is on point! Everything you need to know is on the back of the packet and the colours are bright and cheerful.
So did Slimming Solutions work?
Yes, yes it did. Although I was pretty sure it wouldn't really do anything. Not only is my skin spotless for the first time in months, I am also less bloated.
I still don't believe that tea can burn fat, I think that's nonsense. Howeverrrrr, I do think it has played a bit role in my 4 pounds of weight-loss in two weeks. 
I don't know what it is about this tea, but waking up and having the daytime blend was a real joy. It put me in a really good mood, which made me want to eat well and do more exercise.

The verdict: A solid 4/5. Taste, results and packaging-wise, it beats Bootea hands down. 
There's an April promotion of BOGOF, which is pretty cool.


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