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21/94: Ali, UK

A note from Joelle... 
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1. What was your month of birth in 1994?
The sunny month of July!

2. Where were you born?
Surrey, England

3. Who were your idols or role models when you were a child?
 It might sound cliché but definitely my mum. I looked up to her a lot when I was younger and would always think “well what would mum do?” and don’t tell her this but I still do!

4. Name your favourite singer/band from your childhood (the cringier the better!).
 I remember liking the band STEPS when I was really little, I think I even went to see them in concert with my mum and sister lol!

5. What did you want to be when you were younger? 
A superhero for sure, what child doesn’t one time in their life?

6. Do you still want to go into that profession? 
Um well not exactly haha! I want to have a career in IT, I've always been the techy type and liked fixing things as a child even now so seems like the perfect thing for me.

7. What were you like as a teenager?
 I was shy but still a typical teenager to be honest. People I didn't know well couldn’t get much out of me but my friends couldn’t get me to shut up, so really I haven't changed much haha!

8. What was high school like for you? 
I absolutely loved school! I actually loved to learn (I know geek alert) and I had a great group of friends who I’m still in contact with now so I never missed a day of school unless I was ill. I will admit though I never liked PE, didn’t enjoy sports much then and was always too lazy to run!

9. How have your dreams and goals changed through your life? 
They haven't changed that much, the only thing I would say that’s changed is how I achieve my dreams! I've wanted to get my degree for a long time but sadly I dropped out of university at the end of last year as I felt like it wasn't for me. I decided to take another route by finishing my degree part time at home instead and look for an entry level job to get me started!

10. How do/did you feel about turning 21 this year?
 Bizarre and unreal, it just feels likes 21 years will have gone by so quickly... Let’s hope the next 21 years doesn't go as quick haha!

11. Is turning 21 a big deal in your opinion?
 Not really, I think in society, turning 21 is important but to be honest I think it’s more of the excitement behind it. To me age is just a number; it’s nice to celebrate when your one year older than you were the day before but apart from that I'm still the same old me!

12. What’s one thing you are looking forward to doing in the next few years?
 I’m looking forward to being able to travel the world A LOT! I want to take maybe a year or two out just to go explore everywhere, well if everything goes to happen.

13. Has anything shocked/surprised you about adulthood so far? 
I was surprised about was how everything my parents said about adulthood were right, they do say parents are always right haha! They always said to me that school days would be the best days of my life and I never believed them till I actually finished school and realised it. Also there are things you simply can't be told beforehand, you have to experience it for yourself when you reach adulthood.

14. Do you have any hobbies or special interests?
 I'm a real bookworm so I have a book with me at all times, I've taken up running (I'm still getting the hang of it), I love to travel obviously and one very new hobby I have is writing so I hope this becomes more long-term.

15. What would you say to a teenager who is worried about adult life? 
It’s easier said than done but it really isn't as daunting as you think, there’s good and bad bits but so does everything. Still make the most of being a teenager though because time flies when you're having fun!

16. If you could give your 13-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be? 
Not to worry too much about things you can't change and although it might seem scary everything falls into place eventually, trust me on this!

17. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘future’? 
When I hear future let’s say in 5 or 6 years, I think of me having my own place (most like rented), hopefully have a cat by then, got myself up the IT industry ladder and my blog be a create success whether big or small. Okay that’s a couple of things haha!

18. Who are your idols or role models now? 
Well like I said before I still very much look up to my mum. It might sound odd but I also want to be my own role model, wouldn't that be great?

19. What steps are you going to take to make your twenties a smoother ride?
 Allow myself to make a few mistakes and not get so caught up in them as well as taking a step back if I get stressed, no one is perfect and there’s always plan b!

20. In 2015, do you think that life for young adults is optimistic or full of pressures? 
Young adults have so many opportunities but there are still plenty of things that can make it more difficult so I think it’s a mix of both!

21. What sets your generation apart from everyone else? 
We're the generation that can start really making a difference.

Many thanks to Ali for taking part!
You can find her blog HERE
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