Thursday, 28 May 2015

The 'Deen Scene: Aberdeen Art Gallery Extreme Makeover

A note from Joelle... 

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Aberdeen Art Gallery closed down for two years of refurbishment last month (boo!). But they threw a HUGE closing down party for FREE (YAY!).
Here's what went down...
 These women!! 10/10 for costumes!
On a warm Friday evening my friends and I queued a good 30 minutes early in order to avoid being turned away. 
The Facebook event page showed that about 9K people from across the Granite City were coming to this event, so we made sure we were one of the first people in the queue.
After about 20 minutes of waiting, the doors opened out and we were allowed in.
Honestly it was like stepping through a wardrobe into a cultured version of Narnia.
Instead of mystical creatures, people with unique masks roams around. And every room had a different event.

When got fake tattoos, drank too many cocktails, performed as a flash mob, wrote our dreams onto the gallery walls, took part in 18th Century ballroom dancing and make post-apocalyptic sculptures from clay. If that's not a completely random everience, I don't know what is!
 Because the building was closing down for a few years, they let us write on the walls!
 "Where do you see yourself when the gallery reopens in 2.5 years?"
I said: "employed, in London, happy."
 C left this wonderful message on the wall.
 Next up was clay art!
 E got creative and made a withered tree
I would show you a picture of my clay wilted flower, but it was shit.
These cocktails were incredibly strong, but still so delicious (even with raw kale on top!)
Later in the evening, C and I  put on our dancing shoes and attempted to do an 18th Century ballroom dance routine....
 Squad on fleek

I won't be in Aberdeen when the Art Gallery reopens, so RIP for now!


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