Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The 'Deen Scene: Eclectic Fizz Champagne Bar

A note from Joelle... 
Who says students only like cheap bottles of wine and beans on toast? Naaah, we are all about Champagne brunch these days!
After the end of a terrifying week of exams, my friend Claire and I headed to Eclectic Fizz to unwind and catch up.
This new Champagne Bar opened on Union Street last year and there's been a lot of buzz around it.
Many believe it only caters to the wealthy oil workers, but that's not the case at all! 
Their Brunch & Bubbles menu says otherwise...
We both went for Eggs Benedict with a tall flute of Champagne and guess what? It was £10...A TENNER! 

What a beauty!
 Lashing of creamy Hollandaise sauce, a nest of fresh rocket, soft muffins and the most delicious smoked salmon ever. Not forgetting the poached egg that was cooked so well.Can you believe this was my first Eggs Benedict?
I finally get the hype!
Claire went for the the bacon version and it looked incredible.
Next up was something a little sweeter. You guys know me, if it's one thing that I'm into Bubbly, but my love for crepes is on another level!
Just look at them! Mine was packed with Nutella and shavings of white chocolate, which oozes out as I cut into the crepe. Having a nice vanilla ice cream on the side made it even better. There's something about mixing warm with cold that really works with puddings!
 Claire went for strawberries and Prosecco crepes (ooh, fancy)

The staff are incredibly friendly and charming - really refreshing.
The only thing Claire and I were a tad bit confused about was the fact that you can reserve a table online at 11.00am and 11.15 (which was the time we wanted), but the place does not open for brunch until 11.30.
We had to wait for 30 minutes in the shop next door to pass the time, which was a KFC!

Nonetheless we will be back. I mean with over 40 different sparkling wines and Champagne on tap, this could easily be our new hangout!
50 Union Street
AB10 1QX


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