Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Trip To London

A note from Joelle... 
Even though I was born and partially bred in London, I still feel like I can be a tourist in my own city. I mean, it's bloody massive so that let's me off the hook a little bit!

My sister and I live in different countries and we only really see each other at Christmas/Easter. So, when we were back home last month, I treated us to what was possibly the best present ever (in my opinion)... MCBUSTED TICKETS!
Now, this was actually a big deal because the first concert we went to together was a McFly concert back in 2006 or 2007. 
And almost 10 years later (and 10 McFly concerts later, for me) we were surrounded by extremely young kids in the O2 Arena, ready to jump around and soak in the nostalgia (#AllTheFeels).
But more about that later.

The kind folks at Travelodge kindly provided my sister and I two night's stay at their Greenwich branch. We checked in before the McBusted Concert
This bed was so soft and comfy, it was actually insane. For a hotel with so many chains across the UK, you wouldn't expect them to put in as much effort into the quality of the beds and linens, but they do!
Standard bathroom pic! 
We tottered around Greenwich and had supper near the Cutty Sark and then wandered around the place until dark.
Breakfast was a lovely mixture of cooked English, cereals and a selection of pastries/muffins.
The breakfast staff were so friendly and chirpy - puts you in a really good mood!
North Greenwich was only a few stops away on the DLR (oh, the hotel is opposite a tube station , so handy!) and we were an hour early so decided to get some food.

Genuinely so excited for McBusted! 
We saw a place called Busaba Eathai that we had never seen/heard of before, so decided to give it a try.

The atmosphere was so cool! Basically you sit on communal tables and dine with strangers.
I know that sounds so weird and probably not to everyone's liking, but it's actually really cool.
(quick fact: I never order only one drink, I get a selection!)
 My sister when for this king prawn stir fry with coconut rice. Look at those huge prawns!
I went for a noodle dish (Pad Kwetio), which was the DREAM! cooked to perfection! 
 OK so now it's showtime! 
It turns out that we weren't the oldest people there. The boys behind us were in their 30s and the women in front were around the same age as us! 
The girls beside us, bless them didn't know any Busted songs, as they probably weren't born yet!
A lot of 'lads' turned up just as the lights were going down... very sneaky/clever/funny!
But the arena was packed and the boys put on a fabulous show! They never disappoint.
Oh, and i still have a thing for James from Busted... 12 years on!

Many thanks to Travelodge for putting us up for a few nights!


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